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When I had my Electrix Filter Factory I used it w filter follower after a delay FX to nice fx.

I haven’t had a filter follower on hardware or software for a while tho.


Delay time to get those weird pitch shifted delay sounds maybe…
Not 100% sure what you are talking about tho. Do tell more


Try holding a trigger and yes(I think) it should preview the sound and p-locks on that trigger, super useful


Need some additional eurorack sequencing and utility devices.

I’ve got 3 voices of euro samplers, and enough mixing to make some god awful noise… now I need to dial it back, control the chaos.

I figure I can load in multisamples to some units set to keys/modes and then have some additional voices do more chaotic things.

I still don’t own a VCO.


@RFJ has used a couple Euro Rack sequencers recently that seemed cool.


Great tip! Thank you : ) That’s really awesome.


For sequencing I use the WMD Aroitecht as my primary sequencer. It’s not a sequencer you can program, more of an arp that spits out triggers and pitches. But it can be very controlled and all the parameters can be under CV control so it can do much more than just arps.

I would recommend a sequencer like that because it’s knobbed up and playable. You only get 1 pitch cv and one trigger but that’s easily solved with a logic module for extra triggers based off the trigger from the sequencer. Then you mult out your pitch but tune your vco or samples to different intervals that are in tune with each other. That way when you change the notes or the scale on the sequencer everything changes in unison because they’re all sharing the same pitch CV. You get variations and different patterns by way of the logic module. I much prefer a setup like that for sequencing over a larger multi track single module programmable type thing.


Hot Damn Artificer, thanks for the info. I copy/pasted your two posts into my personal notes for future reference. :slight_smile: I deal with PCs all day long at work so UPSs are a common topic, but I was always a bit hazy on the rest. Thanks for sharing!


It might be worth copy and pasting those posts into another thread to archive it and make it easier to find by search


Feel free to move my posts around if you think it’d be better. I’m not particular. Kinda shittin’ up the Hardware loving anyway lol


Oh no, that wasn’t my meaning. Perfect thread for it and I asked here!

I just think it is a relevant topic that deserves its own thread and your posts would make a good initial guide!


Well a good friend is downsizing his studio before he moves to the east coast. He gifted me a 48pt patchbay. As I build my own cables I’m thinking REALLY hard about how to best set everything up. My mixer has been criminally underused considering what it is as I had gone to patching directly to the 16 ch of interface IO that I have, and I have some rack FX in my basement (of all places) that I’d love to get back into the mix.

This patchbay (Behringer Ultrapatch pro) is easily switched between parallel/halfnormal/normal/open, but they put the dang dumb switches on the top of the unit… not exactly ideal for changing on the fly if its all racked up.

Time to make a spreadsheet and flowchart i suppose. I’m thinking of keeping a lot of channels half normaled so that i can track elements both wet and 100% dry to keep mixes more flexible. i tend to get a lot of midrange build up in my tracks due to the excessive amount of delay and verb use, tracking thru those effects makes life difficult. having both right there is pretty fucking handy.

Looking forward to the eventual additional functionality, but not looking forward to the build. I hate clutter and spaghetti racks, hence making the custom cables and I’ve already invested in 300 feet or so of 8 channel snake line and TRS connectors. It’ll keep the cost down, just need more TRS ends at this point.

…Its just a matter of doing it.


That black is tasty. Maybe I can trade a sucker for my grey RYTM at some point


The idea behind the Behringer patchbay is brilliant but how ya gonna put the switches on top of a rack mount unit lol? That’s the only I’ve ever owned and would get one again, but you still have to set and forget so to speak.


The black one looks fantastic!


Elektron are finally learning to make handsome gear I see lol


Absolutely. Im building a spreadsheet at the moment so i can really visualize what i want to accomplish, i think the first 12 channels will be half normaled to my interface IO and then the rest will be open so i can freely patch fx etc.


I wish I would have taken more time to do something like that, put it on paper. For the most part I just used it as a giant thru box…which was still useful-ish…but not like it could have been.


Livesound makes one a bit OCD when it comes to these things. I’m a big documenter, where prior to touring i was a bit “winger”


I feel like I only have a vague idea of what all you do on tour but I can’t imagine doing all that w/o charts, and lists and flow charts and and and lol. I think in that regard I’m much happier do a lot of things in my DAW haha. Hardware is fun though. I can nerd out on routing and cables and all that.