The Hardware Megathread


Also yes maschine+ IS OFFICIAL, just got this via email from NI.


I apologize to the people who did a video at my request. Believe it or not I actually lost the power adapters to both my Monostation and the Samples as we are doing a purge/autumn cleaning at Casa Relic.


Maschine + looks great, about time NI went standalone.

I’m just going to watch how it develops as I’ve got enough hardware ordered for this year.


Nice one. Really great sound both mix wise, patch wise, sample wise, texture/timbre wise. That kick is punchy as hell.




Same, seems really cool. Might grab a 2nd hand one for £750 around March/April…


hahaha. it really is : )


I didn’t work today as my cat ate my office laptop…


@relic & @Auto-meh-geddon

Thanks for the feedback on the jam guys. Really enjoyed making it, glad you enjoyed watching it.

As for the maschine + I’ve decided the thing I like about it best is now Ableton will definitely be trying to play catch up. So push 3 should actually be the Ableton in a box people have been talking about for years when speaking about certain other devices. If only they’d change the form factor…


I like that NI fired shots at Akai, but I don’t know how I feel about the Maschine+ as far as standalone goes. Those screens seem like they’d be very limiting, but I don’t have experience with a mk3, and I’m speaking as someone used to Akai and the large screens their modern hardware has. Along the same lines, historically hardware has had small cryptic screens for a long time and people got along just fine, and Maschine+ screens are not all that cryptic. They just seem really small for certain functions. All the same, again glad that another challenger has entered the arena; in theory it can only get better for everyone.


Just imagine editing 9 pages of FM 8 parameters, with 8 knobs at a time…
Unless in standalone mode you can only edit macros. I guess hands on reviews are needed.
But curious to see how Akai will answer. I’m happy with the current Beta but it would be nice if this lit the fire under Akai’s arse…


I think that would be… not great. I still can’t tell from videos what “plugins” exist. I saw a quick folder thing showing FM8, Kontakt Player, obviously Massive is there. I think it’d be like you say, macro editing but nothing too deep; more just tweaking presets or something. I’ve seen rumors it’s an Intel Atom in there, so I imagine they are relying on their older instruments to get life out of that CPU. I have a little GPD Win with an Atom somewhere, I should see about installing Massive and see when it cries XD (if I can find it)

during the official reveal, YouTuber Ave Mcree got to talking about a what if Arturia did a standalone sampler thing like this, given the price of their hardware, etc. My immediate thought was “SampleBrute” and bring it on, Arturia lol. Just don’t do some godless 2x8 pad grid designed for heathens :eyes:


alright gents I’m going to try my damnedest to record ya’ll something for 909 day…it isn’t so much sitting down to the hardware as it is setting up to record the video and audio and then merging the two that makes me walk away from the work bench


The thing I’d like to see arturia do is a digital version of this that can save presets and such with the matrix section stand alone taken out of the matrixbrute. I would pay several hundred dollars for that without question, maybe a thousand.


I had a thought, given that Maschine+ has a Reaktor “factory selection” going on. If I could make Reaktor ensembles custom-designed to work with the hardware I would be highly interested. It would be a very “You had my curiosity, now you have my attention” moment.


All right fam what is this keyboard/synth in this Steve Aoki shot?

it looks so familiar but I can’t quite place it o.O actual video at the timestamp has a slightly better shot. knobs/faders on the left, no area for wheels left of he keys, maybe a screen right of the controls? Some MIDI controller?


So Massive annihilates that little quad core Atom, as expected :joy: I didn’t get any crackle though. But Massive’s CPU meter was regularly in the 30 and 40% range on some single note patches (but held up to 4-5 notes, too). Granted I’m under the assumption that NI would have been doing optimizations for the Maschine+ version, too.


IDK, the overall shape screams Roland to me. Reminds me of the system 8 or the JD-XA. Though it can’t be either, they both have way more knobs.


I leaned to the Roland stuff, too, but they also have wheels on the side. Was wondering if it might be some kind of workstation keyboard


Black blofeld keys maybe?