The Hardware Megathread


Knobs in the wrong spot :frowning:


Yeah, they seem to high, but the mod and pitch wheel seem correct, maybe it’s just prospective? Otherwise no idea.


I’m totally not hating but aren’t most of Steve Akoi’s songs ghost written anyway? That being said, could it be a Dave Smith, they have a fair few black keyboard synths if I recall or a Studio Sledge (or w/e its called)


Looks like a synth with an addon module custom built into it. I’m probably wrong of course.


I couldn’t tell you a single song he’s known for lol. I just watch Sanjay C a lot and this came up, and I like solving a mystery XD


Haha. No worries. Like I said not really hating it just struck me as funny. Only thing I know about him is he throws cake at the crowd?


Or imagine having a 2 line LCD screen and no knobs


I don’t miss the days…


Ok, I’ll say it. The Model:Cycles is ugly as fuck.


And the Samples. Good thing I love it so much lol. And maybe I’m just a filthy savage but the some of the knobs on my Samples are stained/dirty looking already.


But you can cover it with dumb stickers!


To each their own, but those went right in the trash when I got my Samples lol.


Still got my stickers, kept them in the box which is in the shed.

cancerian, such a hoarder :sunglasses:


I wrote my first pattern on the Cycles and it was already good enough to be sampled in the Force to turn into a track, great reverb on that thing.

No idea what to do with the Chord machine though…


And a brief demo recorded one handed, so no tweaking


Do you have an opinion on how the Cycles is as a synth synth versus an percussion synth. All but on of the machines is percussion oriented if I recall, that’s what turned me off on it in favor of trying the Digitakt.

I like the demo! A lot of cool noise and insect sounds : ) Also dat kick drum!


I don’t know yet, so far for me, it’s a drum machine and that’s my intended use, plus a sequencer for the Microfreak, but I spent less than 2/3 hours on it…


That is my impression of it. Trying to figure out why so many people seem to own both the Cycles and Samples. I guess different flavors. No worries, just curious : )


Ope! Digitakt on the way!


Not my style, but I’m sure some people are going to love this thing.