The Hardware Megathread


The hardware thread devotees should really get off their asses and all record a jam video for an informal project. Myself included in that.


Do you not have a mic?


@RFJ and I were talking about how unique the acid sound is and how it works across genres. Would y’all be down to do a collection of live acid jam videos?

I triple dog dare you, you hardware collecting dust wimps. I’m going to tell my kids you promised to do this then wimped out.


My mic died on me and I don’t have a mixer anymore. But I might plug the zoom recorder in an audio input or just do direct audio…


yes you wimps you should all be doing live jams :fearful:

I’ve got an excuse, I’m off camping in half an hour but you lot should…

although around the camp fire tonight ill have a Volca FM, Volca Drum and Grendel Drone commander.


Challenge accepted.
Not sure how 303 it’ll be but I’m going to do my best to get a jam up this weekend. My issue right now is I don’t have an audio interface, lol. Pretty sure I can just direct output from my mixer to the lightning port on my iPhone with an 1/8 to lightning adapter though and be good to go.


Foiled again.
Not working recording to my phone, wrong cable. Need a TRRS all I have on hand is TRS. It’ll have to wait until next weekend. So the race is still on for who gets a jam up first.


Damn. That sucks. If I come across another boot sale interface Ill get one for you @RFJ

I think it would be cool if we just posted a decent jam. 303 or not. And not here. Let’s start a thread for it where itll get seen.

Ill get on one. Shits been crazy here w the new semester. Some kid emailed me asked how to fix the wifi in his dorm? F A C E P A L M


Ordered an iphone stand to record going forward.

I also bought ‘40 Something magazine’ to record some stuff for @Roo_Stercogburn through the vocoder.
This is not even a joke.


Soonest I can do is tues, stupid dayjob…


No rush! I don’t know when I’ll work mine in. Might start tonight.

Ideally I’d like to collect these and get them posted to a playlist on the forum’s YouTube channel and promote it a little bit. That in addition to making a special post somewhere with the link and videos on forum. Not many lame ass rules. Feel free to post process your audio (or not), do (or not) fancy shit with your video. It might also be cool to get either a written or video statement (that could come before or after you jam) from each artist about the gear used and something about the tune. Like a few sentences. If you can’t be bothered that’s OK but you are an L-7 weeny.

Sincerely don’t let this next thought turn you off on the first part, I’m JUST spitballing. If and only if people are interested, maybe later we could talk about if we want to also make polished studio versions of the tracks and submit the whole project as an official IDMf release. IMO this latter portion we can take slow and gauge interest in doing it at all after we get the first part done.


I’m definitely in.
If @chasedobson gets his up by Tuesday he’ll beat me for sure. Got my recording sorted but first opportunity I have will be later in the week. And yes, stupid day job.

Really looking forward to participating in this project. Should we just post them in a thread as soon as we’re done? First person makes the thread? Or should we hold them? @relic do you just want to make a placeholder thread for us with some basic guidelines like you have here in the OP?


Does it have to be a tune or can I fire up the gear, hit record and see where it goes?


@RFJ I think we can post them here first. Let us be honest, only we will see them. There is any chance it won’t get beyond some of us doing that much so I’m not going to try and direct the way this thing grows. I only want to make baby steps in formalizing this according to interest. If it becomes a chore for anyone that seems lame.

@Auto-meh-geddon I don’t see why not. For the purposes of the first part that works for me. I just feel like for whatever reason the Hardware Thread adepts tend to not share on the forum as much and when they do it doesn’t feature their gear setups.


Oh well, the first test didn’t go too well, started alright but I lost focus and started to get annoyed once I needed to work more on the Force as the camera got in the way.
Anyway, here it is, skip to 15:44 for more of the jam experience.

Don’t share out of the forum, wait for a better quality


Regardless of how you feel about it it was cool watching you work, especially in the leopard print robe or whatever that was, lol. The thumbs down and mean face at the end was pretty priceless too. I’d say, for just turning your gear on and going from a blank slate, it wasn’t bad at all and still fun to watch.


Maybe next time I’ll lower the camera or move it more to the left hand side so it’s out of the way


I will have a look some time today. I 100% set myself up for a hell day today because I was lazy for the last two weeks…


I’m told this happens to humans.


whilst camping at the weekend, i did get a bit of practice with the Volca FM