The Hardware Megathread


I’ve been checking out a bunch of mc 707 reviews and demos, seems neat imo


Yea. I am bit torn on it. A lot of things I think would annoy me. As an all in one I actually don’t like the drum kits load to just one track aka doesnt load one shot sounds. Also the synthesis seems super limited if I remember? On the other hand I think Id love jamming on it. The TR8 and TR8S workflow wise are both brilliant.


The synth is actually super deep. It’s a full on intergra type thing. Which might actually be too much given the format. And I am pretty sure you can switch out the drum samples, and you can chop samples with it too now. It seems cool, but I am also pretty on the fence about it. Seems hard to get excited about gear these days.

Edit: nick and gaz from sonic state did a real cool review last week on it.


Ok. That sounds different than I remember. Ill check that report. I looove Nick’s reviews.


Now that looks like fun, id love to build one of those just ain’t got the time.

I might order some boards and build it in a few years time.

I tried to buy a Lyra-FX module off him sometime ago but my paypal simply refused to pay him seems it was Russia even after i phoned paypal and explained the situation, they told me id simply have to find some other method to pay him. I notice the soma webshop now has an EU division that must of be made to get around these issues.


The mc 101 is basically a rompler but the 707 has full on synth capabilities



I was expecting some problems with that, but it worked out ok! Guess they’ve done some growing since then. However, they did urge me to use an app called payoneer for lower fees, but I would have never used it again, I imagine


Well the Microfreak just got a vocoder…


You change hardware like hookers change clients. Does this mean you are now able to vocode? :smiley:


Yeah, the headphone output on all Microfreaks is also a hidden mic input, so you can vocode on the microfreak now. They also launched a white version with a separate mic input and an optional mic.


I didn’t change anything, Arturia just released an update that adds a vocoder to the Microfreak. So yeah, I have a vocoder and I know where this is going, don’t I?


You sure do baby. I loved that thing with your voice and want more. But now you get to do all the work :rofl:


I keep thinking about a good central piece for my hardware setup that will allow me to compose tracks over time and the MC707 looks cool for that. Lots of inputs and outputs, it has sliders etc…but the deal breaker for me is that tiny screen. Any of the synth editing Gaz does in the above video is just soooo tedious looking on that small screen.


A second hand Force, the current beta addressed 90% of my issues and there’s more to come in the future, like drum synths. It’s getting close to Ableton in a box status.


worth a look then, thanks for the tip.


Tbh, that ZEN-Core synth is so deep it would be tedious to edit on anything but the Jupiter X imo. Plus I am a tweak presets kinda guy, so not a deal breaker.
But yeah I can see your point. So much functionality crammed into a smallish box means a learning curve for sure.
And I think it’s super cool that they have a groovebox with all the pcm sounds. I love me some electric piano sounds.


Happy to arrange an online demo if we can think of something


You should just film one and post it here. I’d love to watch it too.


I guess audio output to sound card and sound card to mobile phone but you might lose my voice…