The Hardware Megathread


Sounds nice. Could some CyberPunk with that.


After showing zero interest in an Isla instruments S2400 i woke up this morning thinking i want one of them, by dinner time at work i ordered one :heart_eyes:

How did i justify this purchase in my head?
Well for years I’ve went on holiday sat around a pool in the boiling sun and thought of the gorgeous synths i could of bought instead of this crap holiday.
Now with the help of Covid-19 i can look at the Osmose and S2400 whilst wondering what crap holiday i could of went on instead of buying them :joy:


I spent a fiver on a distortion for the nts-1 and ended up patching it as an effect processor,loving it so far and I know I’ll get an XD in the future.


Guess what just arrived to add to the gearpile as my face was starting to melt…


First impressions on the Zoom ARQ-96: Have a screen problem, which means I can’t see the whole screen properly. Thankfully they have another in stock and are going to swap tomorrow, which is cool as it was a clearance item.

The onboard samples are a bit naff, so I loaded some Simmons SDS drum samples, some SY35 samples and some vox samples just to see what it was like to do. They sound good and were easy to bring into the instrument list for the pattern. Easy enough to edit, too.

32 instruments and each have there own track. Step sequencer is a joy to use with the pads being velocity sensitive in step mode, and a press of a button and you’re in live input mode. Press the mixer button and can mute and unmute the tracks. It’s a little bit confusing once past the 2 bars, which is one time round the ring. Was using 4 bars earlier for the first time so 2 times round, and I couldn’t see a signal to say which bar I was on, but that could have been hidden by the dodgy screen. I’m assuming it shows on the piano roll somewhere. It will take a bit of time to used to watching your loop go round in a circle as apposed to left to right.

Haven’t checked out live capture and loop mode yet, but I’ll do that once I’m more used to it. Definitely glad I got it, as it’s a blast. For the same price as a Boss RC-3 loop station pedal, can’t complain at all.




Exceactamundo. Im off out tonight so wont get to try it in earnest till tomorrow though…


Fuck me if the tracker isnt a thing of beauty. Just playing about with random patterns and the Perf mode, its pretty inspiring shit so far cant wait to feed it some modular and Digitone.


Agreed that thing is a thing of beauty!


Really really pretty.
I can’t justify this, but maybe the Nerdseq portable once announceed…


Ive been feeding it modular and iPad synths & you tube today, its so easy to sample on. Very inspiring.

Maybe after lockdown I can come visit you and we can jam out :slight_smile:


In other news the TR8S just got a massive update that adds loads of FM drum and synth engines. I guess Ill keep it :slight_smile:


One thing I just dicovered on the tracker is you can set a per step FX slot on one of the tracks to change the tempo, but on the same step you can also set a % chance of this happening. The effects are kinda mental if you set the parameters to extreme levels on lots of steps :smiley:

Also one other thing is if you mute the track the random tempo changes are on it sticks with the last randomly selected tempo until you unmute the tempo FX track again, fun if perhaps not super useful stuff :slight_smile:


Yes please



The original Waldorf


Few images of my second swing at a modular setup. I learned quite a few things from my first go but, the problem was, it was too big and too expensive. Way too expensive.

Sold my TipTop Mantis 208 hp case and replaced it with this smaller 168 hp case from Erica Synths. Not only is the case smaller but it’s only just over half full.

2 synth voices (BIA x2), 8 channels sampling, reverb, delay, arp based traditional sequencing plus logic / random, along with mixing, clocking and modulation. I feel it’s actually capable of more than my last system even though it’s much smaller.

Do I get everything on its own channel with 2 send return busses? No. But at the end of the day things like that are a luxury and only help the process by 20%, or so. Anyway, here it is and it’s primarily geared towards live, in the moment music creation. Like a groovebox, in eurorack.


I was reading CDM’s review of the Deluge and it was a strange thing, somehow it feels like the reviewer had a completely different machine in his hands. Maybe it was me but I totally struggled with sample/files management and with how bad the reverb sounded…
On a side note, I’d love more options for complete standalone production hubs…


Like a DAW and controller? :rofl:


Without the setup and the infinite possibilities of a computer.
Live is fantastic but I struggle to finish anything.
With the Force, which is pretty much a limited Live + Push is the most productive I’ve ever been. I’d like some competition.


Finally received my Lyra-8 PCBs. Now to source components that are likely a few months out