The Hardware Megathread


I’ve built these this week and have a case and some misc bits coming soon.


What case did you get and what’s your goal with the system?

I’m in the process of reducing my case by half. Sold some stuff, bought some stuff, but with the same goal of it being a live case. Just half the size.


I went w the niftycase due to cost and inbuilt midi to CV/Gate converter.

My system is going to be a 4 voice sample playback system based around the Tip-top audio one unit. I’ll have 2 cv/audio mixers, and a source for random CV to get weird. The One unit can receive cv for sample select and can fire off 24/96 samples. That combined w a buffer repeater and I’ll have a crazy Autechre style percussion unit.

I’m going to combine it w my MPC2500 w the JJOS and some max for live CV tools.

That and I like a project, and I’m minimally employed ATM (thanks Covid) . :joy:


I love my Digitakt, and I was never into samplers before. There is a lot more filter and LFO options available on it, and 8 tracks of midi output is a fucking game changer, as you can sequence most other stuff from it


That’s good to hear. Already preferring to work with audio was hoping it would just reinforce that.


Wasnt sure this was worth making a new thread for. So I was looking at the Minilogue xd module as something use with my Minibrute 2 or maschine mikro’s built in keyboards. It seems from what I read the Minibrute 2 has better keys in general and desk space is a consideration. I’m thinking I can still use the Maschine software to host this and still use USB data cables? Does this sound like it should work? Not sure how popular of a setup that is,


I don’t know how the new Maschine works but I feel like you probably can’t connect the Maschine directly to the MB2 with USB? If both accept MIDI in and out via USB you can likely connect them through the Maschine software or through a DAW that you load Maschine into.


Sorry, I should’ve specified, I still have my Maschine Mikro mk2 from way before. The USB connections go to a USB hub that goes to the computer. I know that I use USB for Midi to and from the Minibrute2 and Maschine using the Maschine software. That seems to work okay so far, It’s adding the Minilogue XD Module to the mix I’m not sure on,

I’m wondering if I’m just overthinking it and I’m really just saying, hey I want to use this one synth or the Mikro to be the midi controller for this other synth through Maschine’s Software using USB cables. That seems like it would work fine, right?


If all three have MIDI i/o through USB it should work. You’ll just have to set each synth to a different MIDI channel. I don’t know the Maschine lingo but I had the original and used it to control multiple synths at the same time…I can’t imagine a newer version of the software wouldn’t do that. So each “pad” on maschine should be able to have a different MIDI channel. It should work. Edit: I’ve just not done it all over USB so that is the only factor I’m somewhat unsure of.

Maybe there is a Maschine specific forum or social media group you could pose the question to. The specific synths shouldn’t matter so much as can the Maschine software handle multiple synths all over USB?


I think the minilogue xd is a fantastic synth on its own. I’d suggest just getting it and making your setup work after. 4 voice, built in efx, analog and digital osc, sequencer. If I were in the market for a module to start a setup with I’d definitely be looking at that one. Wonderful device from what I’ve seen.


If you already have one synth sorted out being hosted by the software, then I think you’ll be fine just adding another on a new channel.

The only gotcha I’m aware of with usb midi is that you need to have a computer or a dedicated host port on the thing sending midi to your synths. But if you have that working with one synth already, then you have a midi usb host somewhere.


Speaking of minilogue, I think I just bought a Korg NTS-1


I ended up selling the takt, depsite it being a bomb, because it felt redundant next to the Force and I had some unexpected massive vet bills. But if I didn’t have the Force already the Takt would have the master of my studio, it’s great, flexible and just sounds good once you fiddle with the output compressor.

The Korg NTS was financed by some old guitar pedals I had lying around, it’s main goal will be effect processor for the MicroFreak.


The KORG NTS has my interest for sure.


It sounds soo big for such a tiny thing.


So, looking for something to jam about on that’s kind of instant, with a half decent sequencer that I can just keep going and overdub onto and live jam with my synths. With it’s last firmware update giving it quite an impressive list of functions like:
pattern sequence of up to 8 bars:

A new Sampler function allows for captured sound to be used as an additional sound source. These new sound sources can be edited with Filter, ADSR envelope, and LFO modulation.

WAV files from your own sound libraries can also be imported (via SD card) as new sound sources for the internal Oscillator.

And as it was on clearance, it’s going to cost me not much more than a Korg Volca Say a Volca and a half in money terms. Will pick it up on Wednesday.


instead of buying a Hydrasynth or a maybe even looking into a Quantum or other OP megasynth, I’m… paying off credit cards during all this all responsible-like…

I’m definitely getting old :woman_facepalming:t2:


Since I threw my back out a few days ago, I’m lusting after a nice chair more than any synth in the world. Truly these must be my last days…


Get a second hand blofeld, its win win :wink:


To my ears the NTS-1 reverbs and delays soud really nice, in the snippet below all reverbs and delays are from the NTS-1, the reverb on the kick is the built in reverb from the Force.