The Hardware Megathread


Just master in the box and spend that extra 2k on the computer.

You could also update the video card in your current tower to get your machine up to an OS that’ll run the new Logic. CDM recently put out an article on how to.


I agree with chase, just master ITB. I mostly use Ozone, and it’s fine. I have a few other tricks up my sleeve, but Ozone really isn’t a bad place to start, and they have it on sale or give the base version away for free often.

For a camera, you can use your smartphone on a special tripod if you have one of those already. If not, you can use something like a Logitech C920 webcam connected to your computer. Those are really overpriced right now because there’s a lot of demand for them for videoconferencing from home during the pandemic, but keep your eye out and they should fall back to their normal price of around $60 USD eventually. They’re designed specifically to be passable, if not amazing, in just about any lighting condition, which has been my experience.

I’ve had luck wrapping the legs of a Joby gorillapod tripod around my Jasper rack at a convenient height and either using an adapter to mount my phone or just directly mounting my webcam.

And FWIW, the Subharmonicon doesn’t really do it for me, but I have been wanting a lot of minimoog sounds recently. Behringer to the rescue, I guess.


Will our heroes succeed in convincing CaneCreek to master in the box or will he succumb to the call of hardware?

Stay tuned for another episode of ‘The Hardware Megathread: convincing the unconvincibles’.


Most people posting on this thread pondering a purchase are just looking for confirmation bias from another GAS sufferer to talk them into doing it :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean less money spent on cameras and mastering processors is more money for a Waldorf Iridium.


My problem with the Iridium is I’d have a hard time paying that kind of money for a 2 part only synth. I get that the days of 16 part multitimbral synths are over but, still, that’s a lot of money for two sounds at a time.


I’m not even willing to discuss the Iridium.


TBH what intrigues me is the stereo filter arrangement. I’ve seen that on a handful of other hardware pieces at around the same price, but none of them with multi-timbrality at all or with as many voices of polyphony.

For reference, the only other synths with a stereo filter that I know of off the top of my head are the Moog Matriarch (which is just a no for me, doesn’t line up with my workflow at all) and the UDO Super-6 (which I would sell my Prophet and order immediately if there were a desktop version). I don’t even know of VSTs that are doing this yet.


I’ve mastered more releases than I have fingers and toes and high end hardware isn’t required, ears and simple tools will do the trick.

I’d happily have an API2500, pultec eq’s and shadow hills compression to do the job but some waves plugins and know how will get you 99.9999999% there.


Huh, looking back my post makes it sound like I use hardware… I have a few other pieces of software, I don’t think Ozone is best for everything, but I am 100% software myself. That’s all I meant.


@ chasedobson You are right about the Mastering lark, think i’ll stick ITB, what is funny is on some of the hardware mastering videos they’ll give it the “you probably wonder hear much different because of the youtube compression blah blah blah” and i’m thinking 99% of people listen to music streamed nowadays anyway so what the point in the hardware.

As for upgrading my 3.1 Mac Pro to 5.1, as you’ll know i’m not shy to a bit of DIY but the process is that much of a hassle it would be far easier to buy a 5.1 on eBay and benefit from the extra cores/cpu power.
Just going to keep my eye on eBay for the right one to come along.

I had it out with them over gearsluts regarding the “Iridium hasn’t got analog filters” brigade, people who demand analog filters obviously don’t own many filters and its certainly not a deal breaker in any synth.


Ah! I thought you were running a 5.1.


Checked the instagrams this morning and apparently DSI/Sequential is ceasing production of the Tempest. I wonder if they’re going to replace it and what this will do to used prices…


My hunch is it won’t be replaced because whilst I’m on my travels you just don’t hear of many people buying them and from what i gather it was never very well supported from day one. Yes used prices will go up.


I’m GASing for a Lifeforms SV-1 Blackbox to replace the System 10 I used to have. I never should have sold it. I remember selling that and the Blofeld at the same time, but I don’t really miss the blofeld module. I do miss making the fun bleepy-blorpy sounds with the system 10.

I really gotta get rid of a synth or two before I consider it. But I probably won’t get it unless there’s some sort of second stimulus payment here in the US…and I probably won’t get rid of any of my synths at this point unless I need to. Except my DX9.

Anyone want a DX9? Only the first two octaves work but the kb responds 100% to midi and it’s free…


I call your bullshit.
I personally changed my mind once after a debate here and losing my job.


Absolutely. +1


So long Tempest: I always wanted you but never felt strong enough to commit.
May you become a classic.


with any hope DSI will make some kind of proper analogue groove machine I’ll never afford lmao


Maybe Behrringer will give me that One Groovebox To Rule Them All I’ve been longing for for a while now.

Not likely though.

What would really be cool is if someone would make a groovebox that is geared for live use. Like seriously, live use like an instrument. What we have now are a bunch of grooveboxes that almost get there but not really.

They all require many hours of composition and pre planning. Then when it’s all said and done you’re left either cueing patterns or launching clips. Give me something with a playable interface or parameters I can set to guide it in the moment and work a live arrangement from there.