The Hardware Megathread


I’m planning to use the midi part of it mostly to sequence IPad apps…


What are you using as an ipad interface?
I am kinda wondering how to get my ipad back in the fold and have no real idea what the easiest way is.


Depends, Digitakt or Microfreak send midi via usb so just a usb to lightning adaptor. The Force has midi only via midi so I have a midi to lighting thing.
Audio just via cable


My first half hour with the Digitakt and I’m super happy. It sounds good, a few knob turns will turn any sound into a synth, the sequencer is what you would expect from Elektron. I’m really glad it doesn’t feel like something I have to play but it feels like a drum/sample computer I have to program.


And Digitakt update just added class complIant usb audio, so one single usb cable to connect to the iPad, quite a big deal.


Yeah, I just saw that. Makes it very tempting all of a sudden.


I think it’ll be a purchase for me this coming fall.


For me it’s not a game changer but it’s nice to see more feautures being added in the Digitakt third year. One of them, trigger preview, is really really nice. Haven’t tried the new step sequencer mode


People will hate me for saying this but yesterday i took my Digitakt & Digitone off the shelf, dusted them, updated them and put them back on the shelf all ready for the next update.

Great machines, just not got any time to use them now I’m back at work.

its a shame as i was really getting used to the Digitione workflow a few months back, but because I’ve not used it in a few months I’ve forgot how to use it.

PS That new Waldorf Iridium looks gorgeous and has great specs.


I’m not even looking at the Iridium…

I wish I could get Overbridge to work on my Mac, I already have 2 patterns that are at a very good point…


My local tech called and he was able to fix my Matrix 6 :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

He said there was some crud (he described it as “salty-looking”) in there and that if I hadn’t brought it somewhat soon there’s a good chance it could have done some corrosive damage. But he cleaned it off.

This is the second time I’ve had a keyboard that turned out to have something spilled onto/into it before I had it. We really need a PSA about this.

“Hi, I’m Michael Sandison”
“…and I’m Marcus Eoin”
“and together we’re here to talk about”…
(in unison)
“Safe & effective beverage management within the proximity of functional electronic music equipment and accessories…”


What issues are you having with OB? I found it to be very stable on Mac and PC both.


I just couldn’t get my mac to recognise the Digitakt. Turns out Catalina blocked the driver, but Elektron Customer support helped.
So yeah, Overbridge is quite cool, but rather than sampling the individual outputs I mute the rest and sample 1 track at a time from the master as the compressor sounds sooo good


Ah I see. Yeah I wasn’t on Catalina back when I was using OB, obviously. Glad you got it working. I only brought up it working for me because I think OB in general is quite a masterpiece.

I actually hate it when I see people on line say something isn’t working and some jack hole comes along saying it works for them without further comment. Happens on Gearslutz all the time. So…sorry for being that jack hole. :grinning:


Must admit theres some lovely patches in this 8 minutes


Shelf abuse, the worst kind of low self esteem :smiley:


Ever since the Digi update I haven’t used anything else but the Digitone. The new features aren’t game-changers for me, but the trig preview is incredibly useful and I’m putting it through its paces with a ton of soundlocks and the results have been fun.

I put the DN away for a bit while I spent time with the Machinedrum, and I keep thinking the two should hang out more, then again I think the Digitone sounds great with everything.


Connecting an audio interface to a power socket won’t damage it will it?


If you’re talking about actually plugging the power into the unit, no, as long as the amps and voltage are correct. I’m guessing you’re maybe concerned about having direct power alongside USB power? If so, the unit should switch correctly and stop drawing over USB once a dedicated adapter is plugged in. They’re designed to do just that.

If you’re asking about running mains into an input…yeah, probably not a good idea for a lot of reasons, unless you really know what you’re doing. Even if you do, there’s significantly easier ways to get 50/60 Hz…


Yes, I meant connecting mains power to the USB input to power the unit. When I looked at the manual it only talks about the USB being powered by a computer.