The Hardware Megathread


Here’s what my friend wrote (copypasted, any dumb spelling mistakes are his) - keep in mind he’s primarily a guitarist who dabbles in synths:

Depends on what u want to do with them, I guess. HX is more flexible, H9 does way cooler shit. HX can have multiple effects going at once but some of the H9 algos are multieffects but it can only have one going at a time, why I have two of them. H9 verbs sound WAY better, and I think their delay is nicer. Actually most of the H9 effects sound better. It also does lots of weird stuff like their cool plugins Hotsawz, Blackhole, Crystal, mangleverb, Harpeggiator are all way out and super fun. HX doesn’t do anything like them, but it does all the standard effects stuff all at once and is easier to use. HX Looper is dope and one of the best I’ve ever used on the floor. HX has better distortions, but it still blows for anything other than rock or just fattening stuff up. I stick to analog pedals for disto.

HX is better playing live and it’s easier to control on the fly. H9 feels more like studio gear in a box, but they hold up live if you get everything dialed in before. H9 is better for me on synths, HX feels more like guitar effects if that matters. The Eventide mostly sounds better to my ear but the HX is totally solid, especially when your rocking out full volume.


Thanks, this defo pushed me towards the H9.
The Force can already do standard effects, it’s the ‘out there’ I’m missing.
Now I need to score a good deal so if it doesn’t sit well with me it can be resold for a gain…


I had an HX FX, and there’s nothing wrong with it. But if I were starting from scratch I’d do an H9. I’m kinda an Eventide fanboy at this point, but there’s just a certain vibe in all their effects that pushes them that bit above everyone else.

FWIW, I found that all my best work on the HX FX was done on the app on my PC, so onboard controls were a moot point. That was the primary reason I chose the HX over the H9, and it just didn’t pan out for me.


Funny, I am of the opposite mind with the h9 app. I can have the h9 out of sight, routed on my sends and still use it as an effect from my computer or ipad.
But yeah to echo others, I have a helix and h9. For more “wow” stuff the h9 kills. Although I also use my helix as a send and it is super nice, if somewhat more bread and butter


The pedal would be used as a send or insert on the Force, so based on the above comments I think I’ll go for the H9, with a good delay algorithm, a huge reverb and the multiband distortion thing…


Ok, just so you dont get your hopes up, you can only have 1 of those at a time.
Also, the h9 has a neat upgrade process where you can add over time, as fund allow, more algorithms until you can turn your pedal into a max if you just buy the standard or core version.


Yeah, the Max Out Program

The Core only has 25 presets, though. 99 on the standart hamonizer.
Core imho only makes sense if you have a Max, because than you can transfer presets from the Max to the Core which basically gives you access to all the effects of the Max.

You can demo all algorithms for five minutes each day through the H9 Control App, very convenient.

I thought I’d mainly use the H9 for reverbs and delay and thus decided to get the standart H9 Harmonizer. Quickly discovered that I found the modulation algorithms really amazing^^lol


I guess the question is the pricing on the individual algorithms, which seem to be $20 US each if you believe the internet. It looks like used, the Core runs about $350 US, the Max is about $500 US. With the Max Out program, it’s a whopping $600 US to go from the Core to the Max, meaning just buying the Max is a considerable savings.

Honestly, the Core doesn’t look all that cool by itself; I’d think the Max is the way to go unless you just want a very select group of algorithms and never plan on getting more than that.


IIRC 20 USD (19,99) is correct, it’s 18,99€ per algorithm here in europe.


The price for a single algorithm doesn’t seem too excessive.
But I’ll be keeping my eyes open on Reverb and Ebay.
Side note, the Microfreak is so amazing it makes me want to spend my money on some other Arturia hardware


+1 for the Matrixbrute. Space may be an issue, but that’s your fault not the matrix’s.


I can’t think of something in that price range and size.


When sequential circuits revealed the new Pro3, i was looking at it as something that could compete with or rival the Matrixbrute, however after watching sonicstates latest review of the Pro3 i must admit i’m happy i have the Matrixbrute.



Ok, fair shout :smiley:

Also I reserve the right to change that response and go back to the pyre and you crying ouchy.


I know my Matrixbrute pretty well now and I can’t see myself getting rid of it. I play it more than anything.


So I went out to the local music shop (and by local I mean 50 miles away) to get my Matrix 6 repaired, they finally re-opened this week. It’s going to take probably 3-4 weeks, but I got it in there. Keeping my fingers crossed it’s just a simple burned out power supply board.

Saw a couple synths that were interesting. Saw a Roland MT-32 there for about $100. Thought about buying it since I enjoy older PC sort of sounds. But I passed. Also, there was a Micromoog there, looked in…ok shape for a 45 year old synth. Wasn’t too pricey for a vintage moog either–$799. But spending that much on something that’s likely to break down at any point and doesn’t have midi wasn’t appealing.

Which is a shame since the irresponsible part of me wants to spend this stimulus I just got on a new synth. As if I don’t have enough already :stuck_out_tongue:


I might be expecting the delivery of a 2nd hand Digitakt and a battery pack to make it portable.


Best sampler in my opinion for a small setup ever. Super fun, so immediate. No time stretch but barring that it’s really a triumph of a machine.

With 8 tracks polyphonic midi sequencing too, maybe the best groove box ever made.


I’m honestly thinking of just adding a Digitakt on top of the Model Samples. For the money I don’t think the Samples is worth selling. Problem is the MIDI sequencing would almost certainly get me thinking about adding on.


I know I’ve said it before but you would love it. It fires on all cylinders from functionality to value. You are exactly right though once you have one you’ll want a synth to go with it. I’d love to know what you think if you ever get your hands on one.