The Hardware Megathread


Damn that sucks. But on the bright side, you gonna be smelling good


which even in these isolated times is worth investing in lol


Run your tennis shoes through it and sample it for mad beetz. Don’t let the man keep ya down.


I bought the Behringer Ultrapatch PX3000 about a year ago. It has little switches to change between half-normalized/normalized/thru.
Seems sturdy enough, there’s probaply not really a difference between patchbays in that price range anyway.

I’ve simply hooked up all synths on my desk and all audio interface inputs, as well as two outputs.
Having OT inputs and outputs as well as Analog Keys outputs and inputs available on the patchbay is great! I can patch all my synths into OT for sampling, send OT through Analog Keys filters, record a softsynth through Analog Keys or Quadraverb and stuff like that.

Just the usual patchbay stuff, but it’s really a joy to have all my stuff available there for patching^^

Quickly recording a softsynth or a fieldrecording through analog filters or hardware fx without having to dig for the cables on the desk - love it. :slight_smile:

I actually wanted to buy the Samson S Patch Plus, but couldn’t find one.


Blimey is that 10 years gone already :astonished:, it was this album that convinced me 10 years ago that you could make quality music on a eurorack.


Hey @moodorf, it is a bit more expensive than your budget, and it is a bit knobby so feel free to ignore, but I can personally recommend this one from Roland:
I am using it with Bitwig (wrote a controller script for it, I actually have the 800 version) and it works a treat.

In other news, anyone seen this baby before?

It looks fabulous.


Hmmmm…the user reviews say the Roland A-300’s drivers have some trouble with Windows 10, otherwise yeah that’d be ideal for me.

That MEGAfm looks alright, but when I want to get sounds like that I use this:

When I pull out my nine shit gets real :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally found the dude I mentioned like…two weeks ago? lol Spin Scott, this guy is Bad. Ass. I saw him at an after party at some dank old bar in some burned out corner of DT Detroit during DEMF a few years back. Played all original Jungle tunes on one MPC for well over an hour.


Actually finger played for over an hour? That’s massive! I’ve seen his videos before, and I am not a fan of jungle but I like his stuff, it’s super cool watching him


I don’t know if maybe he used loops in that performance? I can’t swear that he finger played for that whole time, His hands were moving most of the time though. And there were also some ambient bits now and again were he didn’t do much for like 30 seconds.


Cool either way!


Hm, same driver as the one I have (combo for all the units) and I have W10. fwiw :slight_smile:

That DX looks nice. I would like to eventually get one of the originals, but for now I use a PreenFM2. It is however a tad menu-divey, and is, I hate to say it, not as sexy as that MegaFM. Plus, different chips if I am not mistaken, so different sound. Totally justifies buying one right? I wish I had grabed a Therapsid when they had them…maybe they will again. the SIDs themselves are getting stupid expensive though



He does, I’m subbed to him, and he’s unreal.


Nice. Thanks for the confirmation! And yea dude is nuts. I saw Paradox do a DnB “live PA”. It was OK. Nothing like Spinscott though.


so i have this coming midweek.

it will be a nice addition.i had one before but 2?
that is an entirely different animal.
hoopy fucking doopy!


Nice Rixtr! That looks like it will be a lot of fun.


Awesome! I’m enjoying mine, another one would help though. Grab a reverb pedal! Lol


word to your mother


I had a Torraiz SP16 for a while and yes its like a cutdown MPC live. Easier to access and use but far lesss features FX etc.

If you want isntant gratification the Torraiz it pretty good. Pads are decent and the sound quality is excellent.