The FL Studio Thread


That’s very true. Maybe just bouncing and committing to the mix is better after all :smiley:


Speaking of exotic features…

Does anyone know of a way to change default values? For example, having the envelope of the FPC default to something like attack:0, release:0, etc? Or at least linking each pad’s ADSR to one another so I don’t have to adjust every single one of them just to make them behave like every other DAW’s drum machine?

I’m grappling with these strange conventions and default values ATM because it slows down progress, lol


Save your preferred setting as a preset and load it up. I think you might be able to overwrite the default by just renaming your preset, but not sure about that.


That’s a good idea. The only thing that sucks is adjusting every individual pad upfront, but you’re right that if I at least do it all once I can just load it up next time. That might actually work really well!