The FL Studio Thread


A thread to talk about all things about Image-Line’s DAW: FL Studio.

I’ve used this DAW since version 5, I’m not sure how much traction it will gain with users here, but this is the place to discuss production tricks, tips, and other tutorials or help surrounding it. Or, just general fangirling about the program.


I’m not looking forward to it, but I’m going to have to move my install from my primary hard drive to a secondary drive because windows updates have been eating up my space. Any tips to make that go smoother? Last time I had to re-install, it took me a week to get up to speed again.

Actually, I still use FL 10 because ever since they changed the way FL studio scans for VSTs in version 11 there’s a bunch that will just load an empty wrapper and I can’t figure out how to fix that. I keep a separate install of FL 12 for FL asio and live performance only. So, if I’m going to deal with that downtime anyways, maybe time to fix that too?


I assume you’ve legally purchased FL10, yeah? :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: (I didn’t for a long time so that’s why I ask)

So i was afraid of this same thing, kept me from upgrading for a long time, but as you know, IL gives you free updates for life.

Recently I upgraded to FL20 (new version, for 20th anniversary) and to my surprise… I installed it on a different drive, and had NO issue migrating all the data. I opened it up, and loaded a project file from 3 years ago. Found everything flawlessly, no issue. I was almost staggered at how easy it was, because I had the same issues with previous versions.

I would recommend upgrading to FL20 as soon as possible if you can, it’s fuckin’ legendary man. Image Line changed everything for the better. It’s pretty next level now.


No, the issues are with 3rd party plugs, your Serums and Divas of the world that get installed outside of the FL studio file structure.


Hmm, most of my third party plugs were found with a rescan in the right folder location, but I did have to reinstall my Virus. Not sure about Serum.

By the way, would you recommend Serum? Considering buying it. I need a new softsynth, I’m sick of Massive.


Personally, I like Dune more for my digital goodness, but the indsutry vastly prefers Serum and I think it’s the most logical upgrade from Massive (if you aren’t interested in Massive X).


I purchased FRUITY LOOPS aeons ago, then discovered Live and moved to a Mac, so I was happily surprised with FL Studio 20. FL FIRE seems really cool too. I might try to complete a song in FL over the holiday, just to see how it feels now.
I still love the immediacy of the step sequencer.


Still a WIP… o . O


I almost never break 10 tracks, even with automation. 15-20 tracks is a big deal to me. I also don’t usually go for that long either. You do some half-hour stuff, so I could see how that would end up having a lot more that needs to be spread out so you can keep track of it at a glance.


I’m always going to use Live for recording and having a normal mixer, but I’ve been trying out FL 20 and coming up with some awesome electronic grooves. It’s strange to rely on a guide instead of a scale function (no theory, what’s that?), but it seems like a great way to shake up my workflow

Rewire keeps crashing, but this is forcing me to actually use the interface. Surprisingly it’s easy to learn


Fruity Loops user since v. 7

Love it. Just got an Akai Fire, the dedicated controller for FL Studio 20. Love it, highly recommended. Price point is quite nice (especially if you don’t already own FL Studio).

Version 20 has honestly been a totally pleasant experience.

@xSANTAxDURSTx curious what you mean exactly by “guide instead of a scale function”, I think I know what you are getting at, but I’ve not really ever used another DAW (Reaper a bit and tried to learn Logic to teach a friend how to use it lol).


In live, there’s an actual scale mode that can be inserted as a MIDI effect so you basically never play out of key. This lets you even jam in real time on a MIDI controller without fucking things up too badly, so it’s a huge shift to go back to the pencil tool with only a guide to help me

I haven’t tried using a launchpad in FL but that just sounds like putting ketchup on mashed potatoes or something


It pretty much is, with the launchpad pro at least. The actual FL studio thing might be better in that regard. I use mine for launching live clips though, so I haven’t tried too hard to make playing chromatically on a launchpad great.


Not exactly what you are looking for @xSANTAxDURSTx , but…


The stamp function is great. I actually unconventionally used it a lot for producing glitchy hi-hat patterns.

Take a stamp of a hi-hat or percussive element in the key your melodies are in, put them as 8th/16th notes or more, up a few octaves or whatever… adjust panning to give a wide effect… and you’ll have a nice twinkly carried IDM style pattern.

man, FL 20 is so god damn good. Image-line stepped it up so much, every time I use it I’m impressed more and more.


Last night I remembered I had a decade old Fl Studio license and as I was in a bit of an anti hardware mood I installed it.
First impression: the 4 sounds it loads as default haven’t changed in a decade.
But I’m really impressed.
I’d like to experiment by making a track in FL only, only in Live only and one in Renoise and see where each Daw takes me.
The new Flex synth is really nice.


Yo! Fl Studio is a beeassst these days. I love it. I’m not switching to anything else for dance music.


I have had FL studio for quite some time,i too am impressed with the way it has evolved.
i also still keep renoise as well,i like this idea of a track in each.


This is what I use for penciling in if I’m using FL, but in Live you can just jam with the scale function on with your midi keyboard and never worry about the fact that you don’t know what you’re doing :slight_smile:

Maybe learning theory is a good idea, never considered it


Yea, I feel like I always end up with more of a mess with those kind of tools than using my very bare knowledge of theory. An old friend who was a piano teacher recommends anyone older than high school age start by learning how chords work first rather than scales or motifs/melody.