The FL Studio Thread


I love the piano roll in fl studio, something that ableton, reason, and reaper made really frustrating to use. It needs more transformation tools though (like clone and replace rhythm on existing bars).

I find myself getting automation clip overload often in projects which makes it difficult to organize everything. Although I’ve since started opening multiple instances of fl and doing the detailed automation work in smaller projects and exporting that as audio. Simplifies the production process and makes looking at the whole project easier.


I think you can nest tracks now too. So you could nest all your automation for a given audio or midi instrument under said thing, and then collapse it when you’re not using it. For me 10+ automation clips would be a lot, so I don’t have a problem with it really.


How do you do anything glitchy without 10+ automation clips? I was working on a breakcore section and had automation for grain shape, wave shape, atk, flanger mix, flanger delay, love philter mix, dblu glitch mix, volume mix, and pan mix and that’s for 3 mixer channels.

If there’s a more efficient way of doing these things I’m open to trying it out.


Oh, unfortunately for you I make retro-styled house, so for me a few volume and filter moves is enough to do the job. For you… have you ever heard of a guy named SeamlessR? He does a lot of automation and has a method for it. He’s been using FL since like version 8 or something. Knows all the tricks. He’s on youtube.