Television Thread


Picard. It’s… well… not as great as it could be in my imagination, but not that bad… Stewart is still great imho and will save this show despite, well, everything else. Don’t tell me I’m wrong, I have been waiting for my Picard fix for too long lol! ^^


I finally finished all 7 seasons of Veep.

My god, that was perfect. One of the funniest shows ever written, hands down.

I would recommend it to anyone interested in absurd political humor.


Picard meets Hugh. Dem feels.


le walking dead
and le fear the walking dead


the zombie apocalypse

i wonder why the theme song isnt by the cranberries though


Usually unpopular opinion: I loved the first seasons of FTWD, before they changed the showrunners and did the unspeakable (bringing in people from TWD and killing off a specific character that was totally gutted they couldn’t stay on the show) and think TWD is one of the worst shows ever (especially considering how good the comics are), mostly because they watered it down so much to make it as mainstream as possible and decided that having characters talk about bland crap for hours on end with some mildly shocking scene at some point means good TV.


Watching Narcos, currently at season 3. Highly recommend it - the main actor who plays Pablo Escobar is terrific.

I knew Escobar’s life was insane but it’s even crazier than I remembered, seeing news about him on TV back in the 80’s.


Anyone else here stoked for Westworld season 3? :slight_smile:

Regarding other shows, I’ve been keeping up with HBO’s “The Outsider” - and it’s pretty damn good. Some ups and downs but not bad.


funny show


Love it. Shame they couldn’t make more seasons.


Altered Carbon, season 2:

People complaining its not as good as the first season. I’ve been slightly chuckling at this because the second book is nowhere near as good as the first, even though there are some good things in. The TV version pretty much follows this quality pattern too. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, just not quite as much.

Poe needs his own TV series.


Westworld season 3 is off to a pretty dope start.

Who knows where it’ll end up though, knowing how this series goes.


Highly recommend Tiger Camp on Netflix as a Docu-Series. Mental shit about private big cat zoos in Florida, USA. Meth and armed gay hillbillies…


Rewatched all of the Mandalorian S1. Tremendous.

I’ve watched first 2 eps of Clone Wars S7. Tremendous.

TV Star Wars pissing from a great height on cinematic Star Wars of the last few years.


Rogue One and the Mandalorian are 100% my favorite Star Wars from the latest.

Also, SOME ONE PLEASE WATCH TIGER KING SO WE CAN TALK ABOUT IT…it is about a crazy, armed, meth using, gay dude in Florida who kept tons of tigers in a private zoo and his rivals.


Watched “The Outsider” season 1.

Oh dear.

Starts really promising & gripping (first two episodes)…

…and then free-falls into terminally boring slooooowwwww territory watching lame characters being lame (the actors probably wondering why this has to last 10 episodes… and they’re making a second season!!!).

Bonus shit points for one of the main characters reminding me so much of Ross from Friends (+25 years or so). The guy is so annoying (just by existing) - you want to punch his mumbling face repeatedly. I really hoped he would die (preferably horribly) at some point but no such luck.


Also, SOME ONE PLEASE WATCH TIGER KING SO WE CAN TALK ABOUT IT…it is about a crazy, armed, meth using, gay dude in Florida who kept tons of tigers in a private zoo and his rivals.

I’m not a TV guy, but the wife roped me into this and I’m glad she did. It’s a seven-part train wreck of epic proportions.

He’s actually in Oklahoma, not Florida (crazy bitch is in FL), about an hour from where I was born and less than a day’s drive from where I live now. It’s close to home, literally and figuratively. Everything from the accent to the confused, contrary lifestyle is exactly why I don’t see my family much.

Can we talk about how absolutely fucked up that women and her smarmy knockoff Prince Charles lookin’ husband were? Jesus. I’d have put a hit out on her, too.
Hey all you cool cats and kittens…

Also, Fat Siegfried Womanizer was twelve ways of gross, especially in the later episodes when it comes out what a creep he is.
What’s he a doctor of? …Mystical Science.

You know there’s something wrong when you’re rooting for the asshole in the Affliction shirt.

My wife and I have taken to randomly bursting out into the chorus of I Saw A Tiger around the house. She’s despondent that there’s nothing to watch that can follow it.


Right right. He is in Oklahoma.

And you are absolutely right everyone involved is a three ring shit show worthy of their own docu-series lol. When the docu series world said no one’s story is more fucked up than Abducted in Plain Sight, Tiger King said “hold my meth pipe.”

The woman and faux Prince Charles are amazing…like where did she dig up that serial killer in training lol?

Fat Siegrfried Womanizer (brilliant by the way) I defo need to know more about just him. Weren’t they encouraging the women to get breast implants?

And there is always something wrong if any kind of positive affirmation is going to a dude in an afflicition shirt hahahaha.

Plus, Meth Mouth the Magnificent…omg those teeth…living in Ohio I’ve seen some wondrous Dew and Meth mouth in my time. But its like those three teeth shanked all the other teeth to still their drugs.

I literally need a Joe Exotic music CD…maybe he is on Bandcamp lol. I really need to rewatch it as we binged it (my first time, her second time) in one night. I’m sure there was a ton I missed. Supposedly the woman is putting her own like rebuttal documentary on Netflix .


I can’t find any real streaming for his music, looks like it’s youtube only :frowning: You can pick up CDs on Amazon for $10, but…yeah, no.

I think the only people I really felt bad for was the documentarian that lost all his footage and the poor ex-Walmart gun dept kid who was his campaign manager. Both those guys were just along for the ride and ended up fuckered and scarred.

The real hero here was the guy that made Tiger King. You know he was “what the actual fucking fuckary is happening here?” for the whole time, and his ability to show all sides of it without preference while finding the the humor in everything is what made it so captivating for me. I’m not sure I’d be able to sit through a puff piece by husband-killing tiger lady. I think Tiger King did a fine job of showing her side of it, warts and all.


Yea I’m not paying $10 for that hahahaha. I can live with YouTube.

The documentarian seemed a little shady to me but it isn’t like I can feel bad about a documentarian taking advantage of anyone in that film.

And yea, nothing is going to be as good as Tiger King and there is no “hero” those people are all terrible and all poorly treating those animals and the people around them for profit and ego.

If you need another dose the Wild and Wonderful Whites is pretty good. It is kinda similar but minus the tigers and is just one family from WV.

BTW, I always thought you were British for some reason lol but you live in like one of the most " Murica’ " places in the country hah.


lol, I guess I just come off as snooty, eh? :wink:

I’ve lived lots of places - NYC, Detroit, Oakland, London, Frankfurt, here and there and everywhere. Got the fuck out of redneckville asap, traveled, worked, went to school a couple times, finally came home when I had the money not to have to live in a dump. One thing the south has going for it (besides bbq) is land and housing is dirt cheap compared to pretty much anywhere else in the developed world. Mine and my wife’s parents are getting quite aged and I’ve lost the patience for the hustle and bustle of city life, so coming back home seemed like a good idea.

I can deal with tweakers, I can deal with uneducated conservative religious nuts, I can deal with just about anything, but the heat here is awful. 110F with 75% humidity in the summer. It’s like being in a dog’s mouth. Looking to retire to the UK in the next decade, probably Ireland since the tax rates and retirement requirements are doable. I really don’t want to sink $1M into a business in England just so I can live there.

But yeah, tigers. My wife’s on a bender with it. Found a Tiger King podcast that apparently follows up on the series. I’ll report back if it sounds like she thinks it’s worthwhile.