Television Thread


Cuz I binge shows like a mother lover.
I am currently catching on all comic related shows.
In the past week I have watched The Cloak & Dagger series. It was ok, as it was targeted for a younger audience, it didn’t really tickle my fancy too much, but I really enjoyed how they built up the characters.
I also watched Runaways, and it suffered the same problem as C&D, trying to reach a younger audience, but again, I really enjoyed the character development.
Season 3 of Preacher was amazing. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it.
The Tick is wonderful. Funny, yet somewhat serious. Much better than the previous live action attempt., which was full of a lot of slapstick and easy laughs. The new one was actually filled with plots and backstories, as well as some slapstick. :slight_smile:
Right now, I am struggling through The Gifted, which is based in the X-men universe. It is just as good as Heroes, and just as bad. For the exact same reasons. I dunno…maybe season 2 will see an improvement.
I’m not going to talk about Daredevil, as the news is still too fresh, the pain is too real.


I didn’t and don’t read comics, but I like Preacher quite a bit.

Right now I’m plowing through King of the Hill. Its an old favorite and never had the chance to just go straight through it. Re-watching Deadwood.


Binged Sinner most recently - it was pretty great


Just about through all seasons of Jersey Shore, again. Think Party Down South or Bad Girls Club is next


Yes, I’m about 4/5 episodes into Sinner season 2, decent follow up second season they did there


lol the jersey shore, reality tv is scripted anyways


Your complaint here being?

The whole enjoyment is in a bunch of maladjusted youths making a poor spectacle of themselves. Scripted or not, if it’s sufficiently cringeworthy, sign me up!

Honey-Boo-Boo mama neck gravy. Yeah, now it’s on! Get me some Go-go juice


not complaining, it really is a funny show


I know!


My partner and mine’s favorite brainless binge watch is Forged in Fire. Its a reality TV competition w metalsmiths who forge knives and other things. Neither of us are really “weapons people” but seeing the process is really sort of soothing.



and now its like the olympics, where we’ve seen enough to armchair coach the dudes - oh man, thats too hot, you want to bring the temp down before you burn your steel.

oooh, thats not going to quench well…



^^Chase deserves a “nerdiest post ever” award for that post alone. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


seal team starring the vampire guy from buffy the vampire slayer,
also true detective is coming back with a third season,
and the mayans mc was a pretty decent spinoff show,

and another thing they started using the word fuck more liberally on cable now like on usa/fx not that i care but i’m just not used to it…

also vikings the series on the history channel


@chasedobson That’s too funny, I’ve come across YT videos on that and, yeah, just something about that process that’s just strangely alluring.