Television Thread


Billions is aight because well because it shows how wall street and the govt constantly cross swords in a three way


anybody here a fan of “The Strain”? by far my favorite series I’ve seen


Oh yes. Fav of both my wife and me. Really good stuff, loved the pilot and the first season.

Also, watched this stuff over the last few months:

The Orville - It’s just awesome. So good to watch. Absolutely loving it.

The Expanse - a pretty good SciFi watch with some epic aspects.

Preacher - Crazy, random and brutal but some interesting and partly funny ideas. But way too much random violence for my taste, just kept watching since I was interested in the story.

American Gods - fantasy based on the book by Gaiman, pretty good imho with some funny characters and interesting and epic scenes.

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams - robotic/cybernetic/AI-type short stories, not bad at all.


I watched the first season of American gods and I thought it was garbage


My wife watches some weird stuff like that dance moms show (ugh). I’m not really into TV, I’ll see stuff randomly but i’m not the type that sits and watches tv, since about 2005-ish? Certain shows seem liek they would be cool but i just dont have time and dont even have a TV in my house space, even. Youtube is another story, though. That sucks me in more than anything else except gaming and recording/mixing stuff.


I was a bit ambivalent at first but for some reasons couldn’t stop watching it, I really liked some of the visuals, scenes and atmosphere. For instance, the first Anubis scene with the old woman is just beautiful imho. Might be a bit biased because of the awesome intro sequence though which I absolutely love hehe…


Anybody here a big fan of absurdist animation?

King Star King, Superjail, Ren & Stimpy, etc.

Can’t get enough of that insanity. Michael Cusack on YouTube, David Firth, JJ Villard, all amazing animators


how about Duckman? I loved that show.


Any South Park fans here? I grew up on the show, I’ve seen every episode multiple times and played both of the (actually incredibly made) video games (and actually have the two original games for N64, as well).

Although the last couple seasons have been a little underwhelming. Mostly season 22. You can definitely tell the seasons where Trey wasn’t so burned out on writing.


Cartman has a girlfriend


Constantine was a good show wtf nbc

They should just make the sandman by Neil gaiman an anthology series


“They” would fuck up Sandman so badly.


They probably would but they could always do a reboot if it sucked I mean look at the batman movies


guys…Good Omens is coming out. And American Gods is on it’s second season. i am fairly certain that they could handle Sandman properly.


^im so apathetic, whatever at least it wont be a matrix remix

in short this:


Anybody here watching Veep? ^^


I keep getting this show recommended to me, I’m going to have to give it a shot. Seems hilarious, I like the cast.

In other show news, I started watching Love, Death & Robots on netflix. Man, what a crazy fucking anthology. So good. I’m about halfway through.


Someone needs to find and kill the guy who edited Game of Thrones S08E03 so he doesn’t do that shit again.


Holy shitballs I was already looking forward to Good Omens but this is amazing:


If you enjoy listening to fast curse-word monologues and watching power-play campaigning and politics unfold and crash in insanely funny ways, give it a chance ^^