Television Thread


watched all3 seasons of the expanse,pretty damn good.
punisher got hooked.
star trek discovery,i liked immensely1st season was so/so,2nd was i get the idea.
happy! tell me there’s more…just well done serious hilarity.wondrously happy gore as well.
love death and robots reminded me of when mtv didn’t suck,liquid television! cool favorite,lucky 13.
i would be remiss if i didn’t mention the man in the high castle.things that make you go hmmmm…
philip k dick.


That’s what I’m on right now too. Finishing up the first season and it’s pretty cool. Kind of reminds me of Battlestar Galactica, though not as good (to be fair, it’s pretty hard to top that one).


The Orville season 2. tip top fun. Not as comedy as the first season, more ‘proper’ sci-fi stories but still wonderfully silly. Bortus remains outstanding as ever.

Lots of guest cameos from Star Trek favourites.


It’s seriously my fav TV series by far ^^


Star Trek Discovery S2:

A serious chore to watch end to end. Where they were going was a great idea. How they chose to get there was terrible. The writing was 90% bad throughout. Michelle Yeoh probably had to go on a diet after all the scenery she chewed up but was very enjoyable to watch. Also I wanted way more Rebecca Romijn as the super efficient Number One. Very surprised by Anson Mount as Captain Pike - very good after being hilariously terrible in Inhumans.

So yeh, the main good things in STD S2 was the characters that are prequels to the failed original pilot of Star Trek… which they even show a bit of. I was really hoping to see the brainscaping aliens from that in this but it was not to be. Maybe a good thing since they did such a poor job of nearly everything they poured budget into. I mean, they even managed to make the season-end climactic battle dull as shit despite having more flashing lights than an epileptics convention. It highlighted how bad they were at this when you see battleships pretty much standing still with straight lines representing lasers/phasers/sci-fi guns winking on and off in lieu of actual activity & action. A few shuttles with no resemblance to anything else in Star Trek flew around attempting to be impressive but impressively were not.

Star Trek Discovery needs more Orville. Holy fuck at that statement right there.

Also lol at the reveal of the new ST series… Star Trek Picard. Sooo much work must have went into that name. Hey guys, how do we leverage the only cred we got going into this new IP? Lets make sure its obvious we got Sir Pat on board and hope he doesn’t croak of being old before we get a season or two out of him.


Yikes! Such a scathing review.i do have to agree on most of it.
i still had a bit of fun watching it though.
neener neener neener.


Game of Thrones S8. As usual, no spoilers:

Meh. So much padding, badly written and overall very unsatisfying.

The last episode is dull beyond belief. There is one scene where the characters interact and it has more life about it than the rest of the episode. Unintentionally it highlights how bad the rest of the episode is.

This isn’t the first place this has been written but S8 really shows how badly the series writers needed the guidance that George gave them and how badly they’ve floundered since they got beyond the range of the books. The producers have tried to paper over the cracks with some admittedly great FX for the likes of the dragons, but it doesn’t cover up the paucity of flair.

Meh. Not quite Last Jedi bad, but not good.


Killing Eve & The Society are doing the rounds on my telebox/internet device atm, good shit.


Chernobyl is sooo good, especially as I still remember the cloud over Europe and the ban on milk and certain fresh products.


I also remember running around in the rain and sunbathing in the days after… living like 100km away from it. Good times.

I guess that kind of explains a lot…


i have been perusing it is indeed good!


So I finished Chernobyl.

Easily the best Miniseries I’ve ever seen. Holy fuck.

Anyone interested in radiology and/or drama should see this immediately.



Narcos is alright…also gonna check out a handmaids tale


Watched all 5 eps of Chernobyl. Very good.


Burgenioning Whovian: Just started the first season of Doctor Who.
But:…Eccleston is a very creepy man. And Billie piper is aa very strangely attractive ugly woman.
the effects are fairly good-ish.
stories are very captivating.
i may actually like this series.


You should be old enough to remember the Great Mutant War Of 88/89, I feel like I’m the only one who still remembers what happened when the mutant horde marched West and how they were defeated during the Siege Of Vienna. Please tell me I’m not crazy!!!


Your not entirely sane!
there :skull:


When Yuri Mind Controlled everyone we all forgot.


I tried out the first 3 episodes of “The Expanse”… does it get better? I really like some of it…

…I’m just not sure scifi series are my jam. I keep trying to get into them but can’t dedicate. I really like the cast/sets.


Yes, definitely. It’s a bit slow going, but picks up the pace half way through the season. Season 2 is pretty solid, from what I remember. The 3rd one is up and down, but ends on a strong note. They threw in some pretty trippy visuals too.

Overall, I enjoyed it.