Television Thread


The Expanse is great throughout.

3 eps into Good Omens. Just wonderful.


Finally got around to watching “Veep”. Show is fucking hilarious.


HBO Chernobyl is excellent. I was pretty ignorant except for the very basics. Excellent drama and I learned loads. Didn’t realize that Chernobyl was potentially a huge disaster for much of the world.


Might have the best monologues since Dr Cox in Scrubs ^^


I just finished Season 2… the writing is so fucking savage it’s ridiculous. Might be the first “sitcom” in a really long time I binge watch all the way through. I hope the writing keeps up among all 7 seasons!


Julia Louis-Dreyfus was asked which was her fav episode directly before the airing of the last one, and she said the last one - I thought, yeah, sure, I call BS, but when I watched it I kinda agreed. :smiley: Have a great ride!


I’m really into to Too Old to Die Young. Its from the director of Drive so I’m sure there are few fans of that movie around this forum. It have the aesthetic feel and tone of Drive and only God forgives, with the same minimal dialogue/long pauses. Reviews aren’t glowing, but in fairness every episode is like an hour and half long and you probably kinda have to be into that sort of thing. Good sound design and solid cast in it too.


Years and years saw two episodes it was awesome, also the loudest voice is interesting


I normally hate “reality TV” shit with a passion, and it is extraordinarily lame. However “Blown Away” on Netflix was quite enjoyable.

A contest featuring some of the world’s best glassblowers competing to make stuff under the clock. Pretty cool actually, there was some talented fuckers on it.

…If you can stomach the annoying typical TV host shit.


I don’t subscribe to Netflix, Foxtel, or other pay television systems. They cost a lot of money and that is something I don’t have enough of at present. When I was somewhat younger I bought a number of science fiction novels. Today they are including fantasy as well in the genre which I find annoying along with shock-horror. I have found a few interesting sci-fi clip in You Tube that show real talent.


Finished watching Good Omens.

Just wonderful. Great interpretation of the book. Sheen and Tennant were tremendous every time they were together. Best not-a-couple-honest-guv ever :smiley:


Yeah, completely agree, was a great watch! But I have to stop watching trailers. If you know the book AND watch the trailers, there’s basically not so much new in there. It’s still an awesome watch with great actors that seem to have been made for the roles. And who knew Dcotor Who would become pissed off enough by humans to try his luck as a demon? :wink:


Legion I dont like anymore, it’s too eccentric for it’s own good and its slow


I haven’t watched it, but it sounds likes so many series that carry the seeds of their own destruction.


I finally started kicking back up The Expanse, and man… what a show. Thomas Jane rules.


The handmaids tale first episode some of it was awkwardly executed and as a result some scenes came were unintentionally humorous…second episode I zoned out and was taking naps…and that’s as far as I got

I get the premise but it’s kinda slow, and wierd…I give it bonus points for realism and handling dark topics…however i do not expect to get “woke” just because I watched 2 eps…the assumption that it makes a person woke is the only negative thing about the show…which has nothing to do with show and more so the person watching it…

also to me the premise of the story is similar to the children of men( with Clive owen and julianne moore) and maybe 1984 and with a touch a brave new world but in an alternative perspective…

but those are my first impressions so if you decide to watch it I’d say disregard my review and think for yourself, personally I think it would of been better if it was more espionagey like atomic blonde or that movie red sparrow…but hey to each their own…


I’m really enjoying the silliness of Another Life. Seems like a mix of Elite Dangerous/No Man’s Sky/Star Trek…


The first season is great. Second season falls on its ass repeatedly, and I couldn’t even get through the first episode of season 3.

It’s turned into the most futile slow crawling drama ever. I can’t stand it. But the first season was an incredible set up and overall story.


I lasted a few minutes and couldn’t do any more.


The Boys (Amazon, not the 1998 thing):

Tremendous. Some proper bastardry in this and very well done too.