Television Thread


Indeed! i really liked how it started.right then…yep gotta watch this.


Gotham S1-5:

Jolly good batshit noir except the last episode which is pretty rubbish.To get into it would be spoiler-tastic. In the last ep they blow nearly every opportunity to set up the most iconic parts of the pseudo-lore.


I know I keep going on about Clone Wars but S302 is just great and has a fantastic sci-fi battle. Tip top.

"All too easy.
“Define easy… general.”

Shame that other than the original Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and Rogue One, most of SW isn’t this good. Fun in lots of places but not really great and trading on the above. Clone Wars puts most of the live action movies to shame and has some of the best baddies ever.


On the subject of Star Wars, even after all this time:

Jar Jar… so much neck, so much strangle that needs doing. Anyone that defends Jar Jar is the same kind of imbecile that would defend Last Jedi or Solo. They prolly don’t even mind that Han didn’t shoot first.


The problem is that all franchise productions contain the seeds of their own destruction. You can stretch the original premise only so far before it starts to break. Perhaps Star Wars has gone beyond that point.


Snowfall its about the 80’s and the rock epidemic…its slow in the beginning but it gets better


I have some bad news for you: I went as jar-jar for halloween once. I regret it, but it happened. There’s no undo button for that, I’ve tried.


Pics or it didn’t happen…


Amazon Prime’s Carnival Row was awesome.

Like Harry Potter for… adults.


Thats actually amazing rofl

I can’t think of any reason anyone would want to except to wind up Star Wars fans, which would be a hoot. He’s one of my most hated cinema characters ever but a guiser turning up as him would make me really laugh.


I was in like 3rd grade so I un-ironically went as Jar-Jar for halloween. If I were going to do it now yeah I’d just be a real cock ring all night. I will look for pics but that’s so old I definitely don’t have a digital copy anywhere. Have to open up the photo closet and with my family that always turns into a whole ordeal of going down memory lane with everything in there. But I’ll see what I can dig up. No promises, but I’ve also been Yu-gi-oh, a pretty decent vampire, spiderman, the classic gorilla, a cheap darth vader, and definitely some others I’ve repressed.


Don’t suppose you’ve gone out as Peter Porker, aka SpiderHam?


Yes! This is the reason I have been waiting for to make my wife watch all TNG episodes harhar :champagne:

Also, OMG looks like it’s gonna be awesome!


yeah the trailer has me intrigued!


Trailer looks good but I’m still on the fence. I hope its good but my expectations are low after STD.

Season 2 of Lost In Space on 24th Dec, with Expanse season 4 earlier that month I think. Looking forward to both of those.


I only watched two or three episodes of that so far tbh, but I’m pretty confident Picard will be very different.


you picky Bastard!
Just shut up and watch can pick it apart later.


Season 8 of American Horror story started off awesome. I’m sure it’ll do it’s usual slump through the mid-parts. We’ll see if they can keep it up.


I really like this series, but it seems like EVERY season starts out strong, and the last episode is always the weakest offering ever. EVERY SEASON. I lost interest with Roanoke.


treadstone the series
evil on cbs

so far so good