Television Thread


Boba fett in not mandalorian I watch wont…


Life has no meaning until season two of the Baby Yoda and Daddylorian Show : ( : ( : (


I read baby Yoda isnt Yoda just another of Yoda species so…if it ain’t the real Yoda…then I is disappoint…


no it isn’t actually baby yoda, I just say it bc it gets on some people’s nerves.


TBH pretty much all of Star Wars since Rogue One has gotten on my nerves. Haven’t seen the man’s delorean yet, so maybe that will be redeeming. Should be done with “The Witcher” in a few weeks and then I can maybe look into that.


Rogue One is the best of the anything after the prequels for sure. The Mandalorian feels very different and like its own thing that just happens to be in the Starwars universe.


im sorta glad that that they havent utilized the yuuzhan vong storyline from the books because that would mean more content and sequels to nerd over…

but if they did the story would be something like the jedi and sith work together forming a new order of light and dark called the grey order to fight an enemy immune to the force whose struggling for survival…and then proceed to ripoff the plot devices from james cameron’s avatar…

shit maybe i should move to hollywood and become a screen writer…jk


I didn’t get into the books or any of the animated series, I just can’t get passed the “kiddy” style animation. Which is 100% on me.


@White_Noise or anyone else, were you confused af with the Witcher for like half the season. I did NOT pick up on the different time lines thing for a while lol.


Not many did. That aspect is very badly done.


You are not missing out…jedi vs sith… clones…descent into darkness…journey toward light…blah… lazer phasers same recycled plots over and over again


I’m only halfway through episode 2, watching 20-30 minutes before work in the morning. No idea that’s happening yet. I’m lucky because I have a couple hundred hours in The Witcher 3 videogame, so I at least know the factions and the characters.


I think if you are familiar with those things you’ll probably pick up on it on your own. I came in only having heard the title before.


Watched the first 3 ep of “The Outsider” on HBO. Pretty god damn good. I haven’t read King’s book, but so far it has a decent flavor.

Knowing Stephen King I’m sure something demonic or alien will be afoot, but too early to tell.

Highly recommended if you like forensic thrillers


A friend of mine binged it before I’d even started and he warned me in advance without giving away any actual spoilers. It saved on some frustration.

Witcher TV series really is Game of Thrones aspirations with Dungeons & Dragons sensibilities but its good fun.

If you’re interested, this fight scene breakdown is pretty interesting but a couple of minor spoilers for anyone that hasn’t yet seen the first episode:


All these original content shows Available for strwaming…theres so much im paralyzed by choice…ack…halp


Titans (S2):

Eps go like this: Emo emo emo BRUTAL emo emo BRUTAL BRUTAL emo emo…

Subdued colours doesn’t make something a noir.

Its quite fun but holy crackers they’ve really overloaded the emo padding in S2. Superboy and Krypto are tremendous. Iain Glenn is not very good as the aging Batman. Pains me to say it as he’s normally rather great even though he does appear in a lot of dross. Man’s gotta work, right?

There’s some good reveals and nice stories but the whiny superkids are getting a bit much. In the last few eps I found I kept switching them off to do something else then come back to them. Normally the climax to a plot arc has a bit more pull than that.


I know that feeling very well. It’s odd, too much goodness but not sure what to choose.
Like opening my vst folder


Late in the game, because not enough time for anything, but lately I’ve finally watched:

  • Season 3 of True Detective (highly recommended and no, I didn’t watch season 2, I’ve only heard bad things about it… should I?)

  • Castle Rock seasons 1 & 2 - absolutely great, just LOVE Lizzy Caplan. She’s stupidly awesome. JOOOOOYYYYYY!!!

  • Currently finishing Outcast season 1 and will watch season 2 (shame they cancelled it after that)

  • Just started Watchmen season 1 - Two episodes in I’m not entirely sure what’s happening; love how off the wall it is so far.


Lol anyone remember Dawson’s creek, gossip girl, the hills…

The only decent show from that era was buffy the vampire slayer in the 90’s /00’s