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Clancy Brown: The bacon of TV & film i.e. Everything is better with him in it… And he’s the Devaronian, Burg, in Mando ep6. Just awesome. But fucking lols Richard Ayoade as Zero, all I could hear was Moss from the IT Crowd. Best unintentional lols ever. Or maybe intentional. Jon Favreau clearly doesn’t get out much and may just have meant it.

“Someone tell me why we even need a Mandolorian.”
“Apparently they’re the greatest warriors in all the galaxy. So they say.”
“Then why are they all dead.”


The Expanse, season 4.

Tremendous. I was a bit worried when Amazon took over but S4 was great throughout.


Ridiculousness with rob drydek has gotta be the best show ever.


but it went so fast…


Mandolorian Season1:

Eps 1-7, brilliant.

Ep 8, meh.

Ep 7 was a better season finisher than anything in ep 8. Ep 8 was a bit of a squib. It would have been ok for an opener to a new season but lacked any kind of climax. It had several good things in it but was generally all kinds of anti-climax. Thinking on it, other than the final fight in Ep 8, they could pretty much have done the rest in previous ep and had the better bits as the final part of ep 8.

There’s a reveal right at the end of ep 8 that will mean nothing to anyone that has only seen the films and not the Clone Wars or other related Mandalorian lore but if you have its awesome in itself. Being a bit cynical though its probably more easter egg than anything that will be a major plot point. If they go balls-deep though its big story point for Moff Gideon.

Overall Mando S1 is great but in the end suffers from premature ejaculation. Still better than everything post Empire Strikes Back other than Rogue One and certain parts of Clone Wars (TV series, not film(s)).


Peeped the first episode of Netflix’s The Witcher.

Damn, are they actually pulling this off against all odds? Pretty fucking dope.


No interest in the witcher I prefer the stuff on viceland as for magnum p.i. it’s too meh…


Completed Witcher S1.

Hehe hehehehehe heehehehehehehehhehehehehehehe

I’ve said and written elsewhere its basically Game of Thrones Aspirations with Dungeons & Dragons sensibilities. And its lolz so much this.

For starters if you want a credible medieval setting you don’t go full-on soap opera teeth ‘n’ hair-oil. And they so did. This is before we even get to anything else.

The storytelling is abysmal. They switch back and forth in time and if you’ve not read or played the source material you’re fucked, you’ve got no idea what is going on because they give nothing discernible to key in on. Shoot the editor(s) and deny them work henceforth. Holy crackers they brought less clue to the table than someone who hired Burt Kwouk to jump out of cupboards at them.

FX are good-ish. We see the same burning city a lot. The undeaders in last ep are great. I had a good laugh watching the various spells throughout the series thinking yup did that in D&D/Pathfinder/Rolemaster/Etc but most of the time was thinking did it in more fun ways too :stuck_out_tongue:

Its good fun. Its no way classic fantasy. Some of the ‘twists’ are hilariously obvious to anyone that hasn’t read the source material but has played any RPG ever. I still kinda liked it and will watch S2 when they plop it onto Netflix.

The most powerful mages in the world that don’t understand why you cast web before fireball. Yep they deserve to die.

That said, some of the individual episodes have some fun things going on and so long as you don’t mind watching a TV version of the less good D & D sessions you’ve played its a bit of a hoot.

Henry Cavill is great as Grrrralt. None of the issues I have with this are him.


Yaasss, so glad you nerds are talking about the Baby Yoda and Daddylorian Show! I don’t get deep with the canon or any of that, I kinda like it all (can’t wait to see The Rise of Skywalker). I really like that the Mandalorian has some heavy spaghetti western vibes and they kind almost did a 7 Samurai/Magnificent 7 kinda thing with ep. 4 (when they save the farmers from the Imperial walker).

I started the Witcher knowing nothing about its source material. Maybe I was too high but I got bored with all the details thrown at me in the first episode.


The spag bol Western thing and the 7 Sams ep 4 thing were not an accident. They totally went for that feel :slight_smile:

Personally never encountered 7 Sams but sure meet a lot of Daves.

In last few days been given several Mando Tshirts \o/


I figured it had to be on purpose. I mean even the musica themes they wrote have a western/samurai feel.


Doctor Who ‘Spyfall’.

2-ep intro to the new season. Dear gods its bad. Jodie Wittaker I think could be a great doc if given something worth working with but this is terrible TV. Get rid of Chibnall before he kills Doctor Who.

The Man In The High Castle

Tremendous. I have a couple of gripes with some small things in the very last episode but overall they did a great job of bringing this to us. By no means an action-fest so don’t expect Buck Rogers In The Alternative Universe Century. Rufus Sewell is great, reminds me I want to dig out my ol’ Dark City DVD and re-watch.


My man. <3 By far and wide one of the best scifi films ever. Super underappreciated.


Wtf @TLC reality television shows my 600lb life makes me gag…just like cable sponsored freak show…


yes the last episode was good but i absolutely hate it cause wtf.


Nerding so hard…

…though I did laugh at “I sense a plot to destroy the Jedi.”

No fucking shit Sherlock :rofl:


Star Trek: Picard

First ep is great. Set after Romulus blows up but not clear if its in the Kelvin timeline yet. They’ve poured love into this, so many nerd-details in the background. Pacing appears to be slow then suddenly you notice that everything you’ve seen matters. Its got some brutal stuff in it but not the crap that is in ST: Discovery, it remains true to Trek.
Story-wise its a big mystery to be solved and its only the opening moves. Very promising. Does not go where expected.
Proper Trek, well delivered. And the final shot of the ep will make you squee though there’s hints of it coming if you pay attention.

Can’t shake the feeling that Picard owes a lot to the Orville, lighting the way to show that there is an appetite for proper Trek. If the quality stays like this, Amazon are onto a winner.


I just finished the Mandalorian.
I really enjoyed it. And I have very few complaints about it.
Did anyone else get the feelin that these could have EASILY been Firefly episodes?
Maybe it’s just me. But the vibe was certainly there.


As the team starts to come together, definately.


Finished watch Star Wars Rebels.

Its a bit Clone Wars Lite but ended up being way better than I expected. The 4th season has tie-ins with Rogue One and because of some of the events allows you to place exactly where in the timeline the events are occuring.

It also has one of the best baddies in the whole Star Wars extended universe - Grand Admiral Thrawn. He’s aces. Most of the baddies were pretty worthwhile, especially the Inquisitors. Loved any ep with them around. And of course Maul. They complete his plot arc very nicely.

There’s some plot stuff regarding the Mandalorians’ Dark Sabre in this that is useful background to anyone watching the Mandalorian and wondering where Moff Gideon’s thing came from which while useful background I’d be surprised if the Mandalorian goes into it in any great depth.

I know Chopper is the comic relief and a bit obvious most of the time but he’s so cranky I did chuckle a lot at his antics.

Rebels benefits greatly from having watched Clone Wars first as it picks up a few important plot points from there and continues them, with at least 4 characters from that series returning for extra mayhem.

The last scene in the last season of Rebs though… dem feels.