Television Thread


I had trouble getting into it. What did you like about it?


I liked the fact they tried to expand on the story vs making a bad remake. Not sure to what extent you are familiar with the comic books but it all makes sense. Some folks are thinking this is a “replacement Pinhead” but it’s not. It’s a High Priestess of Hell (the same way Pinhead is a High Priest of Hell).

The house and its “fortifications” was a nice touch.

Overall it was filmed with more money I expected this to have so it didn’t look cheesy.


My only “oh well” moments were how easy it is to “choose someone else” for the Cenobites and especially a Cenobite as a replacement. Didn’t make much sense, that. Also, the main character is mostly a dumbass who you want to slap across the face at times.


Yes! My main problem is I don’t like the main characters. I was kinda like “ok, I really don’t need all this character development” – which surprised me, but in a horror film franchise like Hellraiser I kinda just want to get to the point. They really don’t make any of the main characters all that likeable. The sister. The brother. Both their boy friends. The rich guy’s hench-woman with lung cancer was literally the only person I felt bad for.

I’m not familiar with the comics, but I was told that the feminine Pinhead was canon. That wouldn’t have bothered me regardless of knowing it or not.

I hadn’t thought it out loud in my head, but yea, the “choosing another” really kills the tension.

Personally, I didn’t favor the new Cenobites…I guess I just favor the black leather/vinyl ones from the old movies…but if everything else had been better I could have gotten on board with them.

I need to just buckle down and watch it in one sitting. I kept quitting on it and coming back to where I left off.


100% agree, the original ones were way cooler/creepy/scary. There is not one of the new ones where I went “Fuuuu…” like the original ones.

The Asian flatmate really got the shittiest deal. She literally had no idea what was going on, got sucked in trying to help and, well, you know “what happens next”

All in all, you may be onto something that there was never a real “F me” moment in this, while the original Hellraiser had tons (and I re-watched it recently - still creepy and nasty AF after all these years). The “new” Cenobites didn’t FEEL scary/dangerous. Maybe a better use of music would have helped?


All great points. Overall it just didn’t have the vibe. Maybe it’s because I’m so enamored of the original few, but frankly even some of the other more contemporary movies before this one were a decent watch.

It’s death by a thousand cuts lol. Nothing about it is outright awful, but the parts didn’t come together to make a whole.

Obviously I won’t argue against better music!


Rings of power…i watched two episodes…

I want to keep watching it but i keep falling asleep…

Even though i got my 8 hours…

And its mid day…

I still nodd off to rings of power.



It gets MUCH better after the first 2 episodes.


Definitely plenty to pick holes in if you’re of a mind to in Rings of Power. The hobbits I found were really annoying. I did like the way they did the last ep of S1, even if I was unsurprised when things went the way they did.

Last line in ep 8 very much amused me. Hinted at, but committed to nothing.


It’s far from perfect, for sure. Like the creation of Mount Doom… I mean, come on… Oops we forgot about the most important artifact ever and random asswipe takes it on a stroll to create Mount Doom…

But all in all, good fun so far. (Haven’t watched finale yet)


Rings of Power definitely gets better. I felt it took until the last three episodes. Curious to see what the 2nd season will bring.


Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor

Probably the silliest thing I’ve seen all year. Really enjoyed it. Jodie Whittaker’s run as the doc has been fairly abysmal though I actually liked her as the doc. At least Chibnall gave her a decent last hurrah. Lots of callbacks to previous docs and an absolutely rip snorting regeneration at the end.


In honor of the fucking walking dead finally ending Im doing an experiment and watching the seasons in reverse order. So, each season in correct order but starting with 10 moving backwards. I know the real flex would be watching it entirely in reverse order but Im not that cool.


Enjoying watching The Equalizer series with my wife. We are both fans of Burn Notice and there are some similarities. Imho it doesn’t reach the same level, but it’s entertaining and has some great episodes.


Not watched it yet. Loved Burn Notice. It was cheesy easy fun. And it had Bruce Campbell in it, which is always a recommendation.

“Come into my van, I have snacks and guns.”


Campbell really is awesome. I didn’t even know him before, but watched some other stuff with him afterwards since he was so great in BN… But the whole cast in BN was great imho, especially the family of Michael and Dr. Cox as that CIA guy…


Campbell helped scare up the money so that he and Sam Raimi could make the first Evil Dead film. Any Sam Raimi film you will usually find Campbell at least in a cameo. The cameo in Doc Strange in the Multiverse of Madness had a really good one, even if the rest of the film wasn’t all that.


Fucking hell Tales of the Jedi is good.


Rings of power…

Halbrand has gotta be sauron…

Because according to the lotr lore…

Sauron is responsible for the downfall of numenor

I wikipediad this stuff…a lot. Lol


Andor just gets stronger and stronger. Up to ep 9 now and its on par with anything done for TV or streaming for Star Wars ever. Shaky start due mostly to pacing but holy crackers the last 4 eps have been great. Proper nasty too. More than one of my friends just assumed it finished on ep 6 cos the events within but that is just the springboard for what comes next. It gets darker and darker after that, not that it was a shining ray of hope before :smiley:

3 eps to go. I hope it doesn’t squib.


Big mouth on netflix…worse than south park and paradise pd…

I didnt think it was possible to top paradise pd…

But…damn…its really too much…and not in a good way…