Television Thread


Similaron is a wierd title…
I keep forgetting its



I sincerely tried to read it multiple times. And it amazes me someone wrote a whole history book just so they had a world built to write another set of books. I just can’t ever get through it. Maybe I just need to pick away at it here and there and not read read it.


Watched more paradise pd…

Its a bunch of cops

One cop is a fat guy
Another is a psychotic woman that has a fat fetish
The chief is hot tempered
The black cop has a split personality
The anthromorphic drug dog
The old sexual predator cop
And the most normal one is actually just a loser…

One episode kendall jenner cut a fart in the Chiefs face causing him to get pink eye…made no sense…

The fat cop started a fat people cult.

And the psychotic woman was extremely aroused by the fat people cult…

And thats all in the same episode… and that isnt the most fucked up episode…

Why am i watching this show…

It relies on extreme raunchiness just to be funny…

But you can be funny without going to such extremes…

Im not saying it should be canceled…

but i do feel that the bar has been lowered…



Watching X-Men cartoon series over last while. Seen some a long time ago but not all. Its good to fill in the gaps.

Also now fighting the urge to do a cover of the theme tune.


They are gonna bring back 90 xmen toon


Original cast too! :slight_smile:


Yea it’s like Family Guy got even…whatever it is…lol. I can laugh at it but got dang… it’s ah… low hanging fruit


Peacemaker blu-ray:

Still love it. More batshittery. Not sure if its something I missed when it originally aired or if its a blu-ray thing: At the end if every ep there’s an extended version of one of the scenes from that ep. Scenes with Christopher Heyerdahl get quite more wronger for sure, he’s great.


She Hulk S1:

Starts out fun then, and veers crazily between fun and terrible as it goes on, with a general decrease in story quality as it progresses. That said, the last ep has one of the best 4th wall breaks I’ve seen, and the last 2 eps are good fun.

There’s a kind of double-bluff in one of the story threads that they explain in the last ep but its somewhat ineptly done, and ironically the more standard storyline they deliberately take a poke at would probably have been better than what they actually did.

I’ve noticed that if you are male (or assumed to be so) and make any negative comments on She Hulk you get attacked and trolled and told you are not the target audience. I am unsure what has occurred to cause this but in places where I’ve seen this I just block. I don’t care which side it is on, toxics can get lost as far as I’m concerned.

Overall a mess but many enjoyable bits on the way if you can put up with the mess.


First season of Star Wars: Andor was pretty great imho…takes place five years before Rogue One and is every bit as dark. Rogue One is still my favorite new Star Wars material. With the Mandalorian and Book of Boba Fett in tie for second. I’ll reserve fully ranking Andor until there is more.

Andor also has a cool Synthwave theme/sound track.

Started the new Hellraiser and it didn’t capture me out of the gate. Not a reboot. Different but familiar plot.

New Queer as Folk reboot was waaaaay better than I’d thought it could be.

Also A+ to Bel Air


Power season 6

50 cent created a soap opera about drug dealers lol.


I didn’t know it was Fiddy. That didn’t look terrible though honestly.

Oh re-binging Nip/Tuck


Its only halfway through, 6 more to go :slight_smile:


Oh! Fabulous. The sixth episode seemed it could be the last of the season. Though really not much of a cliff hanger.


Aye, and frankly a nice change given what happened in ep 6.

I’ve found the pacing generally bad but overall I love the feel and pretty much everything else about it. Ep 6 though was biting of nails from start to finish.


Fitty other show “For life” on abc before it got canceled was also a good show…

For life imo is better than power…

I havent checked out fittys other show BMF…

Godfather of harlem(not fitty produced) with forest whitaker is also very good.


Yes. This particular series really feels like the just wrote a long ass movie and chopped it into 45 minute bits.

It is a small detail but I can decide if I like the AK-47 blasters or think it’s a cheesy and obvious revolutionary symbol Easter egg.


This great. Always looking for some TV to chill to at night. Godfather of Harlem looked excellent. I think I don’t subscribe to the service it’s on though.


Its on hulu


Just watched the new Hellraiser. Better than expected, a pretty fun watch.