Television Thread


The sandman is out on netflix today.



Sandman Ep1 jolly good. Charles Dance plays Charles Dance most excellently. Who knew :smiley:

Orville S3 now complete. They have a climax building to Ep 9 and they totally knock it out of the park. Ep 10 they don’t even try to compete with that, they do a low key ep which is fun and quite silly. Fucking Bortus. Brilliant.
Don’t know if we’re ever getting any more Seth Trek. All the actors’ contracts have ran out, I suspect due to a combo of pandemic and TV studio fuckery/delays. If its over, I’ve got a lot of happy chuckles and sci-fi goodness out of it even if I’m greedy for more.


Aww, that would be really sad, I hope they it keep going somehow… my fav TV show for the last few years… So much better than all the other Star Trek even though they brought Picard back hehe (I’m not hating on the Picard show btw, I don’t agree with most of the critique about it, it’s probably my second fav show)…


I’m not a trekkie, but I am a fellow fan of Chuck. I would like to see another show hang on by a thread for as long as that one did.


Chuck? Never heard of it :rofl:


Welll… fuck. I was sure I remembered you saying something about it once. Weird that I would remember that and not my own birthday, but hey brains are weird amirite?


Very funny.




Halo S1: Great

This is awesome low brow dumb-as-fuck sci-fi with heaps of skullduggery and people screwing each other over. You can predict a lot of it but not all.

Its a great ride with an epic backdrop.

I believe a lot of the game fans complain about Masterchief’s helmet coming on and off when they think it should be stuck on all the time. Nope. This is not Judge Dredd. James Bond was never described in the books so you could imagine yourself as him and when it came to cinema people just went hey, Sean Connery… great. Here many have complained. Cheer up, if you’re paying attention, in the last 5 or 10 secs of the last ep of S1 you’ll figure out why the helmet comes off and on.

Loved this series when I totally expected to dis all over it. An unexpected joy. Lots of flaws if you want to pick holes of course. I just chortled and sucked down imaginary popcorn.


The sandman…

Stays true to the comic…

23 something years in development limbo and dayumn its good…