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By RPG nerds for RPG nerds.

Only 3 eps up so far but I laughed like a drain. Loved this so much. I hope they keep it up.


David tennant goes around the world in 80 days.

Will try to check out.

Halo the tv series trailer dropped today.


Book of Boba Fett spoiler comment

when Luke pulled out that tiny chain mail shirt, I was like wtf yo…did Frodo pass down the mithril shirt to Grogu? What fandom am I in? lol


Yep I was the same :smiley:


“I don’t know shit about fuck!”




No zap guns or aliens. How can TV people make stuff without these basic requirements.


Its really good.

I saw Alan Richson in Titans and was just like yeh whatever, he’s ok. I guess this is the series he was built for, possibly literally. Comparing this to the films, the films do not come off well. This isn’t entirely fair as a series has more room to breathe and grow but still… like Reacher does to the bad guys, this beats the crap out of the films. I need to check a work colleague wasn’t one of the baddies cos he’s the spitting image of him.

Thoroughly enjoyed, much to my surprise.


Vikings valhalla dropped on netflix its the sequel spinoff to vikings series featuring ragnar lothbrook…

So far so good…it delivers.


I was wondering if I should bother. I mean, there’s not much left to add to the original series. Let us know if it stays decent!


So far its leif eriksons show…the first season builds up to the fall of the norse religion and the holy war in the north between christian vikings and odinthor asgard vikings.

I like it.

I wanna see erik the red leifs dad at some point…but yeah…i like the characters harald sigurdson and leif erikson…


The last kingdom…
Uhtred son of uhtred

Total cheese but its watchable…id recommend it as a like series to watch if your running out of stuff to watch…

Im like how do they keep this going…

Its like the english version of vikings but the english are the heroes and the vikings are side characters.


So DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is back. I didn’t think there was going to be an s7 but what do I know. Anyway, its generally terrible but also terribly good fun. Its one of the few DC TV series that doesn’t take itself very seriously and at times is better Doctor Who than Doctor Who… and even makes a few references to it here and there.

S7e01, getting some of the wording inaccurate I know but still, I laughed my arse off:

Sara Lance, “We need you to use your superpower.”
Nate Heywood, “You want me to beat the crap out of someone?”
Sara Lance, “No, its 1925 and you’re a white man.”


First ep of ST: Strange New Worlds jolly good fun. Akiva Goldsman writing it so I’m bracing for full on turkey later but this was good.

Basically looks like The Orville makers pouring so much love into what they do that it has given Kurtzman and co such a kicking they are forced to up their game which is only good for the rest of us.


Toss out the black box, all you need is the classics and 2001 already had something to say about this.


She hulk trailer idk ok…

Controversy over the series cgi ok…

But Controversy over she hulk cgi look…
Come on really…its marvel, not pornhub…get a life.


There’s an expectation of decent CGI even for streaming titles especially when its coming from the likes of Disney and the She Hulk CGI is laughably bad.

That said going by the trailer the actors seem pretty invested in their parts and it might be a good giggle. I’m looking forward to it though I’m not expecting it to be great :smiley:


The boys karl urban yes.


I’m starting up Sopranos for the second time, its been awhile. I’m also listening to the Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa podcast about it, they’re lots of fun to listen to.


Finally completed Umbrella Academy S3.

Its like a very long episode of Doctor Who with swearing and brutal bits.

Good fun but its showing signs of wearing out. Some of the good bits though are very good indeed.


Got around to watch Pistols and I enjoyed it more than I expected


Yep - really enjoyed PIstols - very much. Great actors really got into it.
On a side note (not punk related) checkout the film “Under the volcano” and if you’ve got access to BBC IPlayer or elsewhere - the recent Rolling Stones interviews with Jagger, Richards etc. Insightful!