Television Thread


Up to ep 5 of last season of Expanse. Got some minor quibbles but generally great.

Anyone who isn’t in love with Carmina Drummer doesn’t have a pulse :stuck_out_tongue:


The Book of Boba Fett (so far):

Ep 1: Pretty so-so. Lots of setup, not a lot of payoff. Usual Filoni start to things.
Ep 2: Holy crackers this was awesome. More fun than you can shake a gaffi stick at.


Eps 1 was defo a huge tease in most regards. I’m looking forward to binging it all as a long movie when the first season is all released. But I also like having something to look forward to once a week.


looking forward to the Boba Fett series awesome


After Life S3. Not as funny as previous 2 seasons, laying on the pathos a bit thick, heading into Norman Wisom territory I think. Still some good moments. I hope it finishes here.


I tend to just like everything Star Wars w a few exceptions but Book of Boba Fett is fabulous. I think they do a great job of having a non-linear plot as well. I also like that it really, really has nothing the fuck to do with the Rebels and the Empire or Jedi and Sith.


A friend of mine commented exactly this about Mando and now Boba.

BoBF ep 4 is fun. Last few seconds before closing credits produced a nice nerdy squee.


I have to admit that whole no Empire/Rebel/Jedit/Sith thing wasn’t even my original thought but I found I agreed with it. And yes, like god damn…BoBF is just so fucking good. Its like every kind of movie I loved as a kid–Eastwood style western, Samurai movie, gangster movie and sci fi. And I love that it isn’t even shy at all about it.

I do have one question though–if Boba survived all that time with the Tuskans, why does he suddenly need the batha tank so badly? I get they are using it as a trope for his dreams to go through the past, but its like if you survived the desert why do you need that now?


General school of thought is that he had long term internal damage as well, possibly cancer and other stuff from being inside the sarlacc pit.


That makes sense. Hadn’t thought of that


Jessica jones, on season one. David tennant and kristen ritter do a good job. Watching david tennant as kilgrave interact with jessica jones is so messed up.


The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Loki are waaaaay better than I thought they would be. God damn it MCU, will I ever get my life back from you?


They literally have a several years worth of source material to work with. Lol.


The worst part is my partner wants nothing to do with most super hero movies. We are both already night owls (ish) so I end up going to bed at like 4am half the time because I want to squeeze in a couple episodes of something she won’t watch. I could watch it while cooking or doing dishes or whatever, but just on my phone screen : ( I don’t have a decent sized TV and a Bose/Yamaha sound system to watch 90 Day Fiance lol.


The Book of Boba Fett

click for spoilers

I like the Mandalorian a lot. I want more Mando. But why did I have to watch an admittedly badass episode of the Mandalorian (with lots of Amy Sedaris!) in the middle of the Book of BOBA FETT? If they want to have Mando fight along side Boba again great, but that was a full fucking episode of no Boba Fett in his own show. They didn’t even do Mando dirty like that.


Anyone catching “The Righteous Gemstones” season 2 on HBO? Shit is so fucking funny. Danny McBride is genius.

On a more scifi note, looking forward to Raised by Wolves S2 next week. Ridley’s pretentious bullshit grew on me after hating the first season.


The Righteous Gemstones is amazing lol. We just started the second season.


Crazy creepy at times & immersive in all the right ways. Much recommend!


my man :beers:

I was kind of bummed at S2 E4, have you seen it? haha. Shit gets so wild. The writing is so phenomenal though.


I honestly don’t remember what episode we stopped on but shit has gotten wild lol