Television Thread


Well, you know how star wars is kind of a space opera? If the original trilogy is the climax where action and drama meet expertly, the prequels are the overly artsy setup with the singing in a foreign language using a 200-year old dialect. Still far superior to the newest films, which felt like the drama club dicking around with some props after school by comparison.


I thiiiink we should be getting new Mandalorian soon-ish. If you’ve not seen it I highly recommend Rogue One as a place to start with the newest made movies. The actual prequels are worth watching once IMO. Also the movies after set after the originals are worth seeing once too, I liked them quite a bit though as you say they all seem to get mixed reviews…Rogue One is the best of everything filmed recently movie wise.


I haven’t seen the show, but the comic is based on is great. It handles the teenage stuff really well, in a relatable way without being ridiculously “Party of Five” about it. I can definitely see a Hollywood version being way to overwrought. It’s written by Joe Hill (Stephen King’s son); if you’re into comics at all, it’s certainly worth reading.


Lol party of five…90210…one tree hill…gossip girl…the o.c. just lol.


Foundation first ep good. Apple TV+ easily the worst of all the streaming services I’ve seen to date, even though what I’ve watched on it so far has been good itself. Just about zero content as part of the streaming service, I’m amazed they have the gall to put it up as a competitive streaming service :smiley:


Ive just resigned myself to the fact that Ill be cycling through subscriptions on streaming services to see everything I want to.


Reboot of Babylon 5 in the offing with JMS himself at the helm. I’d get excited except its on the CW and lets just say JMS can be a bit uneven. Not sure if I’d rather leave B5 in my mind’s happy place.

I’ve watched the opening credits / teaser for Cowboy Bebop Netflix live action series a few times now and it looks fucking awful. At first I thought meh, couple more watches and its like a low budget fan-made pisstake. John Cho’s body language in an interview sent me some warning signals but I was hoping I was dead wrong. Starting to look like nope.

Orville confirmed for March next year. Yay. Teaser has an Enterprise schematic in the background. They are such Trek nerds :smiley:


Im not sure how I feel about the B5 reboot. I don’t think theyll improve on some of the character performances and updated FX wont do much for me but Ill give it a go. Maybe itll be less a direct reboot and more a reimagining.

No one will tell off the Shadows like the original Vir Cotto lol

I just started the Orville… obviously stoked to know we get one more season. RIP Norm/Yaphit.


I would give a reimagining a chance for sure. Give us the perspective of President Clark and Psi Cop Bester, hunting those space-station-stealing traitors to the end of the galaxy with a little help from a few friendly aliens…


It would be interesting to see things a more evenly where it was less clear which side was “right.” I feel like they’ve already got the perfect premise to play with those ambiguities more than they did in the original. We just need to resurrect Robert Heinlein to write the script lol.


I meant it more as a joke, but it would def be interesting.


Considering how the Shadow-Vorlon arc ended, it would give the whole story an interesting additional dimension. Thinking about it, there are quite a few grey tones in B5 - for instance, what they did with the “frozen” telepaths…


Hahaha. Whoops. Im getting worse and worse at reading sarcasm on the internet.

But yea, considering what you said in your spoilers section there, that is kind of what I was thinking.


With all the experiences in social distancing and mask-wearing, I assume that sarcasm detection is at an all-time low IRL, too LOL


The show “you” on netflix…it’s like dexter…why are people into this bullshit.

Ugh…just nope.

This isn’t entertainment…it’s sick as in horrible and fucked up.


Netflix Cowboy Bebop:

Generally not great. Mustafa Shakir is good as Jet but other than that this is hilariously miscast. Alex Hassell as Vicious is proper terrible. He keeps sticking his jaw out and looks like a gurning Yorkshire man instead of the ultimate badass threat. There is a couple of clever things but it doesn’t make up for it generally being badly put together. The makers devote more time to the backstory than was shown in the original. They probably thought they were giving it depth. What they ended up doing was showing how bad the writers and most of the actors are.

Even ignoring the source material this doesn’t stand well on its own but…

Its prolly worth watching when you run out of sci-fi coming up over December and we get into the fallow months that start the year. Like when you’re hungover or something.


I’ve been rebinging TWD waiting for the last half of the final season. I have to say…I think the weakest part of the series is actually the Negan part/saga/chapter…I forgot how good the early seasons were, especially before they got to Alexandria. I wasn’t that about the Whisperers at first, but when the finished it all off with them I was down. I’m kind of hot and cold on Judith being this 10 y/o badass who can somehow handle a .44 magnum revolver (the physics just don’t even make sense lol).

TWD: World Beyond is alright, I’m waiting for the way it is supposed to tie everything together. I’m glad the decided on doing a certain number of seasons and its done when its done.

Fear the Walking Dead: despite the dooms day cult story line which I did not care for at all is still my favorite of the three.

Grinding my teeth waiting for more live-action Star Wars series…

Need to do a major catch up on ST: Discovery and check out Lower Decks.


Lower Decks seems to make Trekkies vom. I like it. It really takes the piss out of Trek’s loftyness. There are usually a million easter eggs per ep. The usual argument is that Trek isn’t supposed to be like this. I always thought that was rather the point and one of the jokes. Style-wise its more like Final Space than any flavour of Trek, it just has Trek scenery, then gets on with ripping the piss out of all things Trek.


That’s fine by me. I don’t like the average Trekkie lol.


Titans on Netflix S1 and S2 kinda went emo emo FIGHT emo FIGHT FIGHT etc. It was fun but here and there much face smashing off desk. Great music at times usually of ye ancient punk and rock style.

S3, I’ve watched up to ep 4 and they might have maybe nailed it. Its definitely way better than before. I hope the rest stays twisted and doesn’t just go back to emo emo FIGHT.


Hawkeye. Final ep dropped today on D+.

A hoot from start to finish. Very silly, loved it. The watch subplot and final reveal is a nice touch for the nerds.