Television Thread


Resident Evil should have been the perfect video game for movies but I wouldn’t rate any of the movies as 5 stars even just compared to other zombie movies. I have 100% watched all the live action ones more than once but…

Is that the CGI focused at an airport for the most part? I thought that one was OKish.

Speaking of Zombie shit…Black Summer season 2 is out. I highly recommend Black Summer…its very to the point, no character development one story line, one set of characters per season and just like 6-8 eps a season. Made by the people that did Z Nation (which I love for its campy-ness and the way it lampoons specific things from TWD). Black Summer is pretty much dead serious and is a period of time referenced in Z Nation so its kinda cool to see the same world depicted through two very different cinematic lenses.

Army of the Dead on Netflix (starring David Bautista!) is pretty good, new Zombie material (and kinda feels like what a Resident Evil movie should have been).

/soap box

(Also Tomorrow War with Chris Pratt wasn’t awful, entertaining)


To folks about to watch Black Summer season 2: I would recommend you re-watch season 1 first if you initially watched it a long time ago. I couldn’t really remember the characters who survived season 1 so I ended up re-watching after season 2. Great stuff.

Z Nation: at times absolute genius and at other times dragging/totally lost the plot. Overall it was tons of fun, yup. Much recommend.

This one’s on my list :slight_smile: