Television Thread


Resident Evil should have been the perfect video game for movies but I wouldn’t rate any of the movies as 5 stars even just compared to other zombie movies. I have 100% watched all the live action ones more than once but…

Is that the CGI focused at an airport for the most part? I thought that one was OKish.

Speaking of Zombie shit…Black Summer season 2 is out. I highly recommend Black Summer…its very to the point, no character development one story line, one set of characters per season and just like 6-8 eps a season. Made by the people that did Z Nation (which I love for its campy-ness and the way it lampoons specific things from TWD). Black Summer is pretty much dead serious and is a period of time referenced in Z Nation so its kinda cool to see the same world depicted through two very different cinematic lenses.

Army of the Dead on Netflix (starring David Bautista!) is pretty good, new Zombie material (and kinda feels like what a Resident Evil movie should have been).

/soap box

(Also Tomorrow War with Chris Pratt wasn’t awful, entertaining)


To folks about to watch Black Summer season 2: I would recommend you re-watch season 1 first if you initially watched it a long time ago. I couldn’t really remember the characters who survived season 1 so I ended up re-watching after season 2. Great stuff.

Z Nation: at times absolute genius and at other times dragging/totally lost the plot. Overall it was tons of fun, yup. Much recommend.

This one’s on my list :slight_smile:


I watched that new Masters of the Universe Revelations toon this last week. If you’re a 40 something you know MotU most likely. I used to sit around in my tighty whities at 5 years old eating Capn Crunch watching He Man and Skeletor go at it for a couple of years so I know how utterly cheesy and kid oriented it was for that time period. It’s no less cheesy this time around. I know there’s a big deal about it being woke or whatever but the thing is, it wasnt bad in the sense that it made all the characters shown seem more realistic but it seemed to be a misguided attempt to make it gritty and realistic. It’s just the first half of the season and Kevin Smith seems cool to me, I’ve never hated on the guy for anything he’s done so i think maybe the second half of the season will make people praise it more. They should have just held off and released all of season one when it was done, I dont think releasing 5 episodes was enough content and leaving it on a cliffhanger was weird.


Marvels What if…

It’s completely dark…

I am impressed.


Thank god its the last season of the Walking Dead…Ive spent so long watching it I have to see the end but its about damn time lol


Wow, that show still exists?

As great as the comic book series was, the TV show should have been called The Boring Dead :smirk:


For real! I won’t even argue. But at this point I’ve invested so much time I might as well bore myself for the final season hahahah.


What I wanna watch…

Wu tang clan series…

What I wind up watching

Rick and morty reruns


I only watched one episode of it, but “Fear the Boring Dead” was a bit better imho, I watched a few seasons of that and especially liked the first season.


The boring dead ha…never thought of it but yea I could see that…also there is walking dead with benny hill chase music…on yt.


I absolutely enjoyed FTWD a lot - I mean, they filmed on boats, in a Mexican resort, etc, it was creative, fun, and the characters were not talking about stupid crap for 40 minutes out of every 45 minute episode.

That was until the middle of season 4, when they killed off one major character (won’t give spoilers here) simply because some shitty dropouts from TWD were added to the cast & the (new) writer team decided they were going to be the new stars of the show. It was absolutely ridiculous and nonsensical, the way that character was killed off and that pissed off pretty much everybody who had watched it since episode 1.

Even the person playing the character that got killed off was devastated, as they loved the show - and pretty much everybody loved that badass character.

So yeah, FTWD went to shit because of TWD.

I hear they’re at season 7, I don’t know, I stopped watching after S4E08


Please post link :smile:


Benny Hill music makes everything better :smiley:


Yes, this, absolutely! My wife loves zombie stuff, but we both didn’t like it much after that. We watched a bit more, but it didn’t really get better after that imho…



So not surprised. I was so gutted I stopped giving a shit almost instantly.


I literally cried laughing. Thank you :joy:


Fear the Walking Dead could have been so much better than TWD…but it kinda just turns into the same show…though I think it still has superior characters.

Someone PM me the person who died that insta ruined the show. I think I know who it is and similarly like fuuuuuuuck this will be boring now.


Done :wink:


I just checked out two new (to me) TV series.

The first one, Locke and Key was recommended to me by an IRL buddy. It’s about this family that moves into a house that has hidden magical keys that change reality. It’s a cool premise…I’m like 3-4 episodes in, and while the first episode or two showed some promise, the emphasis has gone completely to the teenaged son and daughter of the show. And I really hate tv series about bland teenagers in high school and their bland teenage drama, which is kind of what I feel like this show is turning into, so I’m probably gonna be done with it.

The other show, The Mandalorian…do I really need to state that this show is awesome? It’s fucking awesome. I’m not even a huge Star Wars fan, I like the original trilogy, the games on N64, and that’s about it. Until now. Unfortunately, now that I’ve watched all the episodes I guess I would need to turn to the prequels to get my “new to me star wars” fix…and I hear mixed things at best about the prequels.