Television Thread


Tried it. She didn’t like it. I love it though. I need to go back. I’m only like through most of season 1. She doesn’t do outer space and/or aliens.


Damn shame! It’s a (consistently) great show, which is rare nowadays. I’ve watched the first 4 seasons (or 5?).


I know i’m like hellar late to the party but I’m mid-way through S3 of breaking bad and its really really gud


Resident Alien: Sooooo wrong. So good.

Two eps in, please let them keep the quality up.

Wandavision clearly setting up something from the comics that the ink-purists have been screaming about.

Finally getting around to watching Agents of SHIELD S7 and wish I’d done it before as its way better than I was expecting. 4 eps in, chuckling lots and enjoying the cheapo sci-fi romp.



One of the best things I’ve seen. Art/animation is so-so for these days but the story and voice acting is great. LOTS of sci-fi guys doing bits here. Loved some stuff from the soundtrack and was completely surprised the last sonic of S1 was one of my fave tracks.

Ep 1 starts of kinda standard thing with potential to go yawn-fest but goes to a WTF-Just-Happened place :smiley:

J.K. Rowling I mean Simmons was utterly great. Shocker to nobody ever.

Brutal comic-book mayhem.


The Bad Batch ep 1…

Shonky scripting… check.
Nerdy refs… check.
Sweet animation (subjective)… check.
Silly action scenes… check.
Great action scenes… check.

Love for source material? Check check check.

Thoroughly enjoyed.


“Them” on Prime is one of the best horror genre pieces I’ve seen in a while. Its like 10 hours of insanity.


Good to know, will check it!


Gutted to say Bad Batch ep 2 is fucking terrible. I mean proper wtf why did you even make this episode. I get they’re trying to set up stuff for things to come and drop in some hooks but that is just some plain terrible storytelling.

Possibly I’ll think better of it on second watch or in context of the whole story but meh to dropping this shit on the world.


Love Death + Robots S2 dropped on Netflix today. EXCITEMENT! Loved the first season.

Watched first 2 eps. Great. Art style in ep 2 is wonderful.


OK, can confirm it was brutal. Couldn’t say what I really think without spoilers but yes, people should watch it. Impressive work in many ways.