Television Thread


Tried it. She didn’t like it. I love it though. I need to go back. I’m only like through most of season 1. She doesn’t do outer space and/or aliens.


Damn shame! It’s a (consistently) great show, which is rare nowadays. I’ve watched the first 4 seasons (or 5?).


I know i’m like hellar late to the party but I’m mid-way through S3 of breaking bad and its really really gud


Resident Alien: Sooooo wrong. So good.

Two eps in, please let them keep the quality up.

Wandavision clearly setting up something from the comics that the ink-purists have been screaming about.

Finally getting around to watching Agents of SHIELD S7 and wish I’d done it before as its way better than I was expecting. 4 eps in, chuckling lots and enjoying the cheapo sci-fi romp.