Television Thread


Maybe this is blaspheme but I’m kind of disappointed we are encountering the Jedi or hardcore empire at all this early in the story. I really like exploring the world outside of that paradigm.


Kurosawa did the original 7 Samurai? Either way, I see the influence of samurai movies which are tied up in American westerns and I love all that about the series.

I don’t know anything about Dawson’s character but the whole ash planet thing and the way the filmed those fight scenes was fucking glorious. And it really tickled me to see beskar armor and weapons be a match for a light saber and a proper Jedi.

The whole “he cares for you like a father so I won’t train him” thing seemed a little lazy though. Weren’t many Jedi trainees volunteers who had parents?


They want them when they are young if possible so they haven’t formed the attachments too deeply and the ties are easier to break, thus making them less vulnerable to Dark Side influences. Thats partly why older kids/adults won’t normally get training. We all know who she was referring to with the other things she said and it did give me an ooooh when she did.

I’ve watched this ep 3 times now over the weekend. The detail is amazing.

Dave Prowse died over the weekend, the original Big Darth. Decent innings but still sad to see him go. Last thing I saw him in was the Jayce Lewis video for Shields.


Ok. That sounds familiar. I haven’t watched the original movies or prequels in a long, long time! Gotcha.

edit: and I was bummed to hear about Dave Prowse. I’d be curious to hear a scene with his voice instead of James Earl Jones.


There’s a few snippets in here. I saw this back in college sometime for film class and set sound and such.


awesome. thank you. I will peep this today.


The Mandolorian S2:

Thats it, all done now. Jolly good. A few niggles but broadly heaps of fun. Last ep was like a Star Wars film all by itself. Much nerd service too and an unexpected end credit cutscene.

Filoni and Favreau not quite given the middle finger to the Disney sequel trilogy but they’ve definitely set up the possibility.


I can stay awake til the end of an STD episode. I can stay awake til the end of an STD episode. I can stay awake til the end of an STD episode. I can stay awake til the end of an STD episode. I can stay awa… zzzzzz.



As simple fan of the trilogies and other movies, I was excited by the finale. Excited to see what is next.


I’ve been going on binges of Naked & Afraid.

[obnoxious Discovery Channel music intensifies]

I find it hilarious that regardless of the over-dramatized cherry picked editing and questionable validity, it’s curious to watch other humans get put through the nature torture gauntlet.


The Expanse S5:

4 eps in and its great.


Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks.

Bad. And there’s no revolution in it really. Even if you take it as a bad pun on re-evolution.

I keep hoping Chibnall will redeem himself but he just keeps fucking up Doctor Who at every opportunity.

Truth Seekers:

Seen the whole series now. Loved the gentle stupidity of it all, even though there’s icky bits almost from the start. There’s a nice hook for more but I’d be amazed if there’s any more. There are laughs but its not a belly-larf festival, just a chucklesome ride through supernatural investigations.

I get why its not for everyone.


Absolutely fantastic. WATCH IT.


Wandavision, Eps 1 & 2.

If you’ve read/seen any sci-fi ever you’ve got a pretty good idea what’s going on, even if you don’t know who’s behind it or their agenda.

The way they’ve done it is a bit marmite even though the execution itself is very well done.

I was surprised how short the episodes were. Approximately 20 minutes of actual stuff, and the rest of the time opening credits/preamble or closing credits. the Openings are good scene setters but the content itself is very short.

If you want a good spoiler just pay attention to the closing credits and the style in which they are set if you know your MCU stuff.


Mandolorian is gonna get canceled imo…
Oh well…

I mean with all the shitposting that has been on the internet I mean yeah I get it but also who hasn’t shitposted

And that is why mandolorian is gonna get cancelled because of political shitposting.



Am I the only one that didn’t lose their mind over the Queen’s Gambit? Its good. But I don’t understand how its the most watched thing on Netflix ever.


I was actually planning to give that one a watch sometime simply because someone mentioned Chess; who can’t nerd out on some narrative chess lore?

What kind of rating would you give it? Netflix is weird, I miss the actual rating system they used to have lol.

Maybe it has to be the most watched thing since The Office is gone now, ha.


I’d give it a 4/5 stars. Like I said, its good. But people are like losing their goddamn minds over it and I just don’t see that. Check it out for sure.

I guess part of it is my partner and I have pretty much exhausted the stuff we are willing to watch together and I just want to watch sci fi and she hates it lol


Agree - it was alright but nothing exceptional about it at all. Kind of “watch & forget”.

If anything, they did make people watch a show about chess playing. I think that’s the biggest achievement TBH.

Whatever you do, DO NOT watch the 3rd season of The Sinner. It’s a total trainwreck of dumbassery. I have 2 episodes left and at this point I’m watching it because I want to see how far they can dig their hole in the ground (pun intended for the poor souls who have seen the show).

I feel sorry for Bill Pullman, mostly. At least the first season was really good and the second one “alright plus” or something.


Show your partner The Expanse? She might change her mind :slight_smile: