Television Thread


Ancient aliens on the history channel…more entertaining than anything on tv.


i thought that was a tv show


I just started watching some episodes of Monk again. It’s been a long time since I saw this series. The titles are great too, they all start with “Mr. Monk…”

So I’ve decided to come up with some titles of some Monk episodes I’d like to see made. Amazon, Netflix, Hulu…someone has to step up, reboot the series, and make these:

Mr. Monk infiltrates the illuminati
Mr. Monk finds out what’s really in hot dogs
Mr. Monk becomes a brony
Mr. Monk gets addicted to facebook
Mr. Monk tries crack
Mr. Monk marries another woman, who then also dies horribly
Mr. Monk commits vehicular manslaughter
Mr. Monk gets blackmailed for sex
Mr. Monk becomes bi-curious
Mr. Monk discovers anime
Mr. Monk smokes that sticky skunk
Mr. Monk becomes god
Mr. Monk gets shanked seven times in rapid succession
Mr. Monk finds the cure for cancer, but then forgets it because he can’t stop washing his hands
Mr. Monk solves both Biggie and Tupac’s murders
Mr. Monk finds out the hard way he has boundary issues
Mr. Monk has a heart attack from monster energy drinks
Mr. Monk is now Mrs. Monk
Mr. Monk gets caught masturbating
Mr. Monk learns he has a 7 foot 9 asian half-brother with ginger hair
Mr. Monk gets sucked into a jet engine and is liquified
Mr. Monk is in a K-hole
Mr. Monk does his kegel exercises
Mr. Monk and so can you!
Mr. Monk becomes obese
Mr. Monk betrays jesus


Mr. Monk becomes president elect after making a sex tape.

USA channel…mr.robot had me tripping ballz…
The Bourne series treadstone looks good to has potential.


Mando great. Big link to some previous stuff revealed and its so nerd-happy making.


“Oh these are your last babies?” NOMNOMNOMNOM


Also sound design/music in the Mando are fabulous.


That moment when you’re watching something and you go I RECOGNISE HIM… then the penny drops.

Why the F is Cronenberg in STD rofl :smiley:


Screen Junkies Galaxy Quest documentary is up on Amazon Prime. I wooted.


Just watched this Russian plague drama - brutal while tons of fun, much recommend.

The only annoying thing at times is the cameraman who tries to be “artistic” I guess and sometimes you wonder if he was just drunk. Possible, I know.


Oh! I am watching To The Lake. It is interesting. The English dub is kinda bad but the story is good so who cares.


Oh man - NEVER watch a foreign show dubbed, it’s awful. Subtitles all the way. On top of that you learn foreign words :slight_smile:


I agree! Ill have to figure out if I can get just the original on Netflix.


Yup, you have options re: subtitles on Netflix. That’s how I watched it.

Very different, yet highly recommend this one as well from Netflix: a Finnish TV series (2 seasons so far, there will be a 3rd and final one). Must-watch with subtitles too, as deadpan Finns being deadpan is awesome.


Lego Star Wars Holiday Special

90% of the good jokes are in the trailer so if you’re short on time just watch that and stop there.


I need to see that awful Star Wars Christmas special they did for TV lololol


Mando S2 Ep 4, “The Siege”

Holy crackers this is good Star Wars. Baby Yoda proving to be just a liability as usual but funny as hell. Loving where it looks like they’re going with this. Each ep of S2 feels like a mini movie in its own right.


Almost Human.

Watched it all now. I’m very much a johnny-come-lately to this as it was made and cancelled about 6 years ago I think.

Very good, though for the first few episodes the exposition sidekick is quite annoying. Music by Crystal Method and a Gary Numan track even turns up in it.

Shame there isn’t more of this.


The Mandolorian S2 ep 5:

Best Star Wars movie since Rogue One. Wait what now? :smiley:

Nods to Akira Kurosawa, goes balls deep into SW lore and has a plot hook reveal from nerd heaven. We learn Baby Yoda’s origin which has potential for even more nerdy fun. Rosario Dawson is perfect.


i didnt even watch the latest star war but i binged the mandalorian real quick it’s good shit. its nice to just settle into some worldbuilding/exploring in this universe and not be bound by an action movie plot. thats why i liked the first half of avatar and not the rest of it