Television Thread


P Valley (aka Pussy Valley) on Starz was great straight out of the gate. First episode aired last night. The entire sound track is Dirty South, 808 music and I fucking love it.


Umbrella Academy S2 out today on Netflix. Got friends who’ve been burning through it.

I’m on Ep 1 cos other stuff happening.

Just fucking tremendous with possibly the best recap of previous season ever :smiley:

While not really a fan of MCR I do like things here and there and the musicy thing Gerard Way made for the trailer is great but for me mainly because of Judith Hill in it. She’s amazing.

Still TV thread so back on topic. UA S2E01 Much fun :slight_smile:


Completed U2 ( :smiley: )

Tremendous. If you look closely its re-hashed plots from many sci-fi’s but fuckit its so well done who cares. The Handler continues to be great.

Great soundtrack, was gobsmacked when they played one of my fave PiL tracks ever. Everything from Peter Schilling to Butthole Surfers in this. Well placed choices throughout, even tracks I’m not crazy about I nodded at where they chose to place them.

Laughed like a drain at closing shot. Could see some of what was coming but the actual reveal was a hoot.



First 3 eps of The Boys S2 dropped yesterday.

Jolly good fun. I laughed like a drain at the corporate stuff in ep 1.


Adam ruins everything is a good show.


I’ve Rediscovered seinfield the tv show about nothing.


The Boys, S2:

All eps now on Amazon. Watched the last one tonight. Great stuff. Very wrong and very good. Proper gnarly in places. A few logic holes but nothing that spoiled it over all.


Watching cobra kai on youtube/netflix.


She Who Must Be Adored wanted to re-watch Mandalorian S1. I’d re-re-re-(etc)-watched it about 2 weeks ago.

Well ok then :smiley:

Completed them again tonight and all ready for S2 starting to stream on Friday. One of the things that occured to me this time round was that the characters you met in most of the episodes you wanted to meet again, they were generally that good.

Star Trek Discovery, 2 eps of S3 now on Netflix.

First ep is very silly and rather good. Second ep less silly but still good and thank fuck for Tig Notaro. It will likely turn to shit like each season has so far but its a decent start.

Killjoys. After having recorded the last season ages ago, finally watched it all. Utter dogshit… and you have to see the next ep. And the next. And so on :smiley:
Some great lines here and there in amongst the cheapness. Prolly winner of best Rolling Stones Rip-Off Intro Music Ever :smiley:


The Mandalorian Chapter 9, “The Marshall”

Tremendous, with lots of little Easter Eggs throughout.


Ratched and Evil are worth checking out.

I alos like Star Trek Discovery waaaaay more than I thought I would. Even with the parallel universe stuff.


i keep hearing about star trek discovery and yet i cant find it?
where is it?


Its on Neflix. Its very uneven. Most of it I don’t like but there are some good eps here and there.


So ladies and gents, Mando season 2 eps 1 thoughts or are we protecting people from spoilers?


I’d go with avoiding spoilers, even for some of the easter eggs in it, some of which just made me want to cheer :slight_smile:

Already watched it twice.

TV continuing to beat movies hands down.


I think I missed all the easter eggs, but I’m a movies only star wars fan so maybe that is it. I did like the guest starring actor a whole lot though. The space western vibe was strong with this new episode.


Rofl Baby Yoda. What a little fucker :rofl:


So what’s the verdict on Ridley’s new show Raised by Wolves eh?


Absolute crap.

Unless you’re into flying sex snakes, terrible mullets, uber-cretinous androids, “plot” written by a 5 year-old with ADHD and giant whistles that also fly.


sounds pretty much par for the course for Ridley these days. Shitty man! the initial trailer reveal looked… curious at least.