Qawm 2021 (deadline march 4th 2021.)


Final Playlists

Remember that most of us left some notes with our playlists, you may want to scroll down and check those out. I didn’t replicate them here for brevity sake.







Alright so let the qawm begin. For this quarterly album writing month thinga magig you can start now because everyone has stuff to do so a little more time wouldn’t hurt imo…

The deadline is March 4th 2021 because February is a short month.

The rules

  1. Make as many tracks as you can for an album until the deadline
  2. The tracks dont have to polished, all is required is that the idea is captured…by this I mean you dont have to spent so much time mixing and mastering. When you feel its adequately composed start the next idea.
  3. Have fun.

Me personally when I would do this it would be more of themed jam sessions…so in case some have writers block…

Just do an improvised jam would be my advice.

Good luck peeps.

Remember the deadline is March 4th 2021.

Aawm 2021 anyone?

Cool…think I’ll give this one a go. You might want to go back and post a link back to this over in the other thread, so everyone is on the same page and doesn’t think we’re talking about two different projects here.


Nice. I’ll probably be going a live jam route as not to go down the DAW polishing rabbit hole.


I’m going to come in on this. In November last year I started on a concept of Blade Runner Origins, but never put myself behind it properly. Did a shell of a track and that was it, so this will give me the push to get on with it. Armed with some artwork and a very brief synopsis, expect some dystopian cyberpunk with ambient connotations.


I just Might do some rando breakcore jams.

With a rock or hip hop breakcore remix somewhere idk…depends if i can find an acapella


Brah Ive got you. I have some promotional 90s 12" w gangsta rap acapellas

I know I have 1st of tha Month by Bone Thugs and Ready or Not by the Fugees

I also have some Jungle chants from paid sample packs you are welcome to “borrow”


ohh ready or not by the fugees that sounds challenging :smiley:

lol…just did an idm remix of judith …for funsies…

will do alot of editing to turn it into something original.

lmao here:


I will get it to you ASAP.


yeah so im just gonna do jam sessions for qawm…cause i have no musical inspiration towards any genre whatsoever basically gonna just do some jams when im in the mood and call it a day when the deadline comes


Yea, so I’m defo going to go for getting like a 4-5 song/beat live medley/mix together for this. Final product a uncut video performance. Maybe a few more songs/beats if I get motivated.


I’ll be shoveling some stuffs through, I hope.

My first project I’m working through currently, I’m working with the mindset it will be my focus soundwise for other projects. It’s an idea of using it as a template to write multiple projects through. Not sure how it will go as I’ve not done this but a handful of times without purpose, so far.

So we will see.


Ok, so I’ve been getting things sorted for this… lining up various sounds, vsts and FX…to see what works and what doesn’t. Going to aim for 10 tracks of sleep inducing drone-like stuff…well, that’s the plan anyway, but nothing is set in stone…just going to see where it all takes me.


That’s funny you decided to go that route, my partner has been complaining about my rain sound app at night. She says it sounds like cooking bacon lol. I’ve been experimenting with new ones. We both had a ton of time off at the holidays and have both thoroughly screwed our sleep schedules.


:grin: Really? Don’t get your hopes up just yet…the end result might just give you nightmares, as much as sweet dreams. :rofl:


Alright, so I’m sure like many people, things change. ability, activity, etc etc.

While this is still fresh and people have time and ability, I want to ask a question:

Even if we only collab on a single track, I’d love to dive down that hole, in the spirit of QAWM. This track was an older one for me but I went back through it and pulled some elements from it and rewrote bits for arranging.

Not to be confused, I know this is “artists writing month” but my thoughts are, currently, why not attempt to collab with someone, IF they enjoy an initial/init sound. So I’m asking. Are you having issues getting started? Do you have issues with finishing? Do you want to just collab with someone? Do you think all of this is fun and want to do everything?

I"d love to work with someone. I dearly enjoyed the collab release I was apart of. Do you possbily have some things started already? Let’s chat. Anyway, this is one of the tracks I went back and grabbed. There is defintely some nostalgia for me. How about you? :slight_smile:

Private message me or reply here if interested, I think it’d be an interesting project(may be outside the realm of QWAM and time frame but that’s no worry. Just trying stuffs out is fun for me. :wink:


Getting a “This track was not found. Maybe it has been removed” message when I click that link. :disappointed:


should be fixed


Got a couple of tracks down, ones a skeleton, but the other is near complete. next is something more ambient, so we’ll see how that goes. Considering doing a song, like with vocals, as it’s been a while since I did one. I’m kind of doing stuff to a state where I can record and leaving it to come back to later if I get time.


I still love your #050 mix you put together so I’m hoping you get at least inspired to post something. :grin:

I’m not sure what hardware you have currently as I haven’t been in the HW thread in a while. Just saw the other day RFJ is rocking the Maschine standalone now.


Also, typical project night…I’m catching a buzz. Sorry if annoying.

I’m finding some older projects back as far as 2018, year my HDD died and was brought back. Basically anything I like a part of, drums or a synth, etc. I’m deleting the rest and attempting to rewrite other parts with new things and my currently mentality for writing. See where that goes.

I’m hoping it limits my loopitis, as in some cases x part was a full track of edits, composition, etc.

While writing a few new things from scratch as well.

EDIT - I’ll probably start a playlist on SC for all my current ideas in a rough order, maybe…I’ll def load them there. just not sure i’ll share completely, based on where i feel they are before listening in my car, etc.