Aawm 2021 anyone?


Just Wondering if anyone wants to do an aawm.

Just curious maybe it could be like a month and a half or two month thing cause of time.

Qawm 2021 (deadline march 4th 2021.)

I might be dumb, but what is an aawm?



Pick one!

Yeah I have no idea either. @bfk - U wot m8?


Annual Album Writing Month

I could possibly be down. tl;dr for what I’d want to try and accomplish I couldn’t start tomorrow or even a week from tomorrow necessarily.

Frankly, my bitch with doing it on IDMf is that generally people have wanted to water down the challenge from the original and worry too much about producing a polished product in the time allotted rather than just generating as many good ideas as possible.

The original idea comes from a project called FAWM February Album Writing Month in which you are supposed to write 14 songs in 28 days. For people who play guitar or piano or whatever it is a little different challenge than electronic musicians–we design timbre and a whole lot else goes into a track than to make it sound like a track than someone just arranging lyrics and a guitar part so I get it.

I would be in favor of more time for more tracks or less time for less tracks. It seems most people usually come up with an EP–maybe going for like an EP writing month or six weeks?

I’m honestly just spitballing and will do my best to participate in whatever gets decided on. Traditionally I’ve been a pretty involved organizer but I’d really love to not be that guy this year if we do it.


Yeah I remember doing quite a few qawms… they were super fun even though I didnt go outside and worked on making beats all day.

Maybe a qawm netlabel remix thingy using the idmf sample pack(s).

Would be super stoked to see how idmf sample pack(s) are utilized in a musical peice.

AAWM Arab Alliance of Women in Music Read more at http://acronymsandslang.com/AAWM-meaning.html



I’d like to write an album in a month. But I think it won’t work. And maybe it will work.


The original idea is that one just gets an albums worth of solid ideas down in the month then go back and finish them later.


I would be on board for this.


Traditionally we have kind of just let people set their own goals. Also, I think it would be good to call the due date the end of February. If people want to start now jump in. Want to limit yourself to a month and start in Feb. go for it.

People have gone two routes, generally, as far as goals. Getting more tracks down but less finished. Or fewer tracks and more polished.

The big point, imho, is to set some kind of reasonable goal for yourself and complete it even if you loose a little sleep. Yea its a hobby but just fucking do it.


Second everything Relic has said here…the thing is to actually DO something in the time slot agreed on and not get to caught up in how good or bad it is. It’s meant to be fun and a personal challenge for those taking part, so anyone thinking about doing this should keep that in mind.

Some of us who took part in more than one of these in the past have ended up with great stuff, as well as some crap tracks, too…so if you’re standing on the sidelines thinking you’re not good enough to take part in this, then please push all thoughts like that out of you head…this isn’t the Listening Booth we’re taking about here…but rather a group of us who agree to try our best to produce a body of work in a set period of time…nobody is judging anyone’s work in the end and there’s no prize.

Personally, I think we can go with an open ended sort of thing, meaning aim for whatever you want…be that an album or an EP…just try your best to actually do it in the given time.

Regarding samples…the usual applies I guess…only use stuff you are cleared / legally allowed to use…you don’t want to end up with a breakthrough album at the end of this, only to find out you can’t do anything with it because somebody thinks you stole their work / sounds to do it. :wink: Common sense really…but it needs to be said as a reminder.

I’d also get behind making a February start…28 days . I know it might sound all a bit too much if you haven’t done one of these before, but trust me, you can do it. To give you an idea, here’s the best one I did was a few years back, where I finished a 9 track album in a month.

As you’ll hear if you check it out, it’s by no means “finished”, but I managed to get a body of solid ideas set down and never got back to polishing them as I hoped to later…maybe a remix is called for…

My point is just forget about standards and shite like that…just go for it and don’t let personal doubt or fears of cocking things up hold you back…have fun and just run with it. :grin:


The qawm is up have fun guys.


Yeah i got the idea that you refine tracks later and i like it. I will try my best. I will try record 5 songs minimum.


Cool. I always try to stress that it isn’t about creating polished tracks because, generally speaking, people get really hung up on the idea that things won’t sound polished at the end of the time allowed.


Just a reminder ya’ll, the admin/mod/net label team encourage you to submit any polished final products that might come from an album writing month to the Netlabel : )