Qawm 2021 (deadline march 4th 2021.)


edited one jam.

and a new jam.


Spent some time on sound design last weekend, and then worked on composition this weekend. Put together a lot of repetitive loopy stuff with maybe a couple interesting bits, but nothing’s really settled into distinct tracks yet. This week I hope to chop up the more interesting ideas and develop those into (hopefully) 3-4 proper tracks, we’ll see how that goes.


With Texas weather being pretty shite…I’m uploading my playlist of jams so far now.

Definitely a chill/boc vibe going on. I intend on loading more in before the deadline but we will see once things get back to normal.


lol…I might get one live jam video recorded by the deadline (maybe)…ended up going a totally different direction…doing something a little more personal and headphone/home stereo friendly than the strictly for the dance floor thing I was gonna do…sincere thanks for encouraging me to get my shit setup and started even if it was process of only small steps (and that’s about me).


Would be cool to hear, if it’s not of a too personal nature to share.
Got 5 down in various states of development, and I’m working on lyrics, which always slows things down, so I should have at least 6.


oh no no. Just when I write like a house track I’m 99% approaching it from a can I dance to this/would a DJ play it stand point rather than wanting to say something about my life. ya’ll will hear it all when its ready.

Glad to hear a few people got some tracks down though.


third jam blah meh…


I will give everyone a proper listen after the deadline. That’s always been my preference.


Sounds like a proper plan.


Got the lyrics finished last night. Took longer than I would have hoped. Pretty difficult to put yourself into the mindspace of a replicant. Loaded up the old SU200 with samples from the MS20 using the 11.025 KHz bit rate, for a bit of extra grunge. Hopefully I’ll get at least one run at it before the deadline.


I’ve seen your space before, in some old studio pics, how are you recording your vocaly stuffs as of late? I’ve been thinking of putting a 6/7 sided box in that I build with foam and wood. Just to start extracting non-sampled worlds…

I feel you have a normal room space, with gear, do you just open up in your space or with some type of diffusion?


Also, I’m hoping besides an alt track, I can add in a new track and give myself 5 total stuffs for this month experiment.

Right now I’m working on a track I grabbed the drums and bass from, turning into wav, it’s been interesting because I can’t separate the bass element and drums from each other and can’t remember what project I pulled them from. So I’m in a hole, digging my way out. Very fun and intimidating at the same time. Have to refund how to write around it. Hopefully I get where I’m going with it. We will see.

Edit - I’m having a blast this year. I have a direction and some time to do it.

Can an admin give me a spare post or edit the OP? To put everyone’s stuff in a single after x post? @relic

My updated list:

Downtown and Shitter Winter Alt added.


Yea if everyone posts a very very clearly marked final single link to a track list I will edit the OP w all those links.


You’ve probably seen the picture on my Soundcloud profile. It 's pretty much the same, but the RM1x has been chaned to an MS20 mini, the Electribe has been changed to my Zoom R8 recorder, and there’s a Volca FM up there. The QY700 sequencer gets put on the computer desk when I need it as does the SU200.

For vocals I just use an SM58 mic into the mixer, sometimes through a Berhinger tube amp, then use the SE70 for FX. sometimes I’ll do the vocal twice with a different fx on each take and mix them together. I have a more spoken singing style and a pretty deep voice.

I have a rectangular room, and I’m seated about half way down the length. I live and sleep in the same room. The only diffusion a have is all the shite in the room with me. My gear is half set up, with other stuff put away and less I need it.


With 6 days left to the deadline (not including today), it looks like I’m not going to make this one…well, not for the deadline anyway…but it’s all good. I started this with the idea of doing an album’s worth of really sleepy drone-ish tracks, but found myself straying into other sounds. LSS, I’ve ended up with two albums worth of tracks…none finished enough to share yet and all of them need something or other added to make them whole / finished.

I don’t want to share them publicly in their current state on SC / HT and I haven’t sorted out some other way of doing it, but I’ll post up links here once their done. Below are cover mock-ups for both.



I can’t keep up . But I came up with something. In short to record a punk album of 10 songs for example. I came up with the idea to write the lyrics of these 10 songs first. Then the music. And then marry them. Not just one song at a time. Such things.


I’ve temporarily lost my studio (until 3 Mar.) but I may bang out something on the Model:Samples for ya’ll. It isn’t currently merged into my gear collective.

edit: yep, working on little groovebox medley with just what ever was left over on the samples


One more day till the deadline.


Remember everyone please clearly post a final track list and I will edit the OP to make it all easy to find.

As for my own one-take beat medley submission: I am working on it : ) I need to build some final patterns tonight to give it a sense of an ending. I don’t know what the chances are that’ll get a take I am happy with by tomorrow at 11:59PM my time but I’ll post something in the next few days.

(btw, I think it is fine for everyone to have until 11:59PM in their own time zone that way we don’t have to play the time zone game).

However far you got thanks everyone, especially @bfk for getting the ball rolling (I was going to ignore album writing month this year). I appreciate all of you participating.


All my tracks in one post.