Qawm 2021 (deadline march 4th 2021.)


Amazing how fast a month can fly by, only ended up with 6 tracks, not quite a full album, but maybe an EP? Here’s what I got:

Critique/constructive suggestions are welcome! I’m putting my pencil down, but want to revisit these tracks in a week or two with fresh ears for some composition clean up and mixing.


Thanks everyone for posting your play lists so far. I will give others a bit more of a chance to get there’s in. I might have to do my listening next week.

I am going to record something no matter what tonight (I hope).


This is probably loud and too bass heavy lol I might try to fix it after I can listen off of my headphones. All samples manipulated on the Model:Samples, sequenced there and performed live in one take. I think I want to add some ear candy and do a few edits in a studio/DAW version.

Will try to do the mega finished stuff post later tonight.


Ok, I think I got everyone that submitted a final playlist. If anyone wants to turn one in late, I’ll do one last edit Monday morning EST.


Got to bounce mine over to stereo tracks, and upload to SC. Didn’t get the vocals down yet but will post the instrumental of the last track. @relic. Do I P.M you the link or post it here?


you can just post it here : )


@Faintbrush I dig! This sounds pretty darn good already generally speaking. So far I think I favor Salt and Line of Defense (I love the super distorted sounds later on in the track, they pop nicely in the mix). Over all nice attention to detail with the tracks. Good busy texture with out things sounding like they are getting in the way of each other. Seems like you came up with a pretty solid release. I feel like there is a bit of narrative to the tracks which is cool. They hold together well as a release.


Sorry it’s late.
Track 1: Openning: This is the Korg NTS-1. the distortion is from the limit of the DSP.
Track 2: Mysterious suicide: This is also the Korg NTS-1.
Track 3: Pleasure Model Club: JV1010 and Volca FM.
Track 4: Chase to Sunrise: QY700, jv1010, MS20 mini and Volca FM through a Boss MD 2, hence the noise floor.
Track 5: Offworld: Krog NTS-1 for the drone, with the ARQ going through the audio in of the NTS.
Track 6: Genetic Consignment: This was done quite a while ago, so not sure exactly but: MS20 mini and Volca FM running the base line, drone from the NTS, and the jv1010 going through the MD2 I think.
Track 7: Perfect Right Eye: This is to be a vocal at some point, but I am going to have to rewrite the lyrics, as this track took off on a slight tangent to the original idea. This is the MS20 mini going through various FX on on the VF-1, and sampled int the SU20, then sequenced with the QY700, with the audio though the NTS-1 and rhe SE70 on the return.


I am not very good at manipulating the forum on my phone but will edit OP when I get home.


@bfk I like that in all three tracks I can kinda hear sorta here a familiar trope in each track but then there is like this intense texture on top of it making mind go “this isn’t the thing you think it is.” I like how all of these work that way.

Jam 2 feels like breaks/DnB a bit to me but then resists that. Jam 3 feels like Dubstep to me with the half time feel but then resists that. The first one of course with its four to the floor kick.


@bbb it all fits together really well as a cohesive EP texture/timbre wise while at the same time not feeling like every track is using the same sounds or same drum kit it strikes a nice balance that way. The two shitter winter tracks stand out and the Capitulation track. These all feel pretty complete composition wise as well.


I appreciate, as my rave friends and I call it, the “obligatory opening ambient track” lol --nice textures and serves its purpose w/o feeling self indulgent or too long. Love that distorted brass in the last bit a lot.

This feels a little more at times like a John Carpenter OST in that it is more aggressive and distorted but I’d say it still leans heavily in that more Cyberpunk direction that being strictly horror.

I appreciate the gear notes ;p I’ve just blown several loads buying gear but may have ot pick up a NTS-1 as I’ve been craving some external FX for my new setup. Any this is supposed to be about your music!

Man, that last track really stands out to me. There is some gnarly reverb going on here that is just dank af.


When you use the modulation, delay and reverb at the same time it overloads the system, to the point it will cut out completely, so you have to dial something back to keep it going. What happened at the end is where I was playing with the delay and switched back to the filter cutoff, so it will move quickly to the dial setting from where it was last moved to on the delay.

The NTS can go dark, but it’s being tipped over the edge be the SE70’s Rhodes multi algorithm, which makes anything sound big and lush.

The cool thing about the NTS is that you can just turn off the envelope generator, and it becomes an instant drone. The SE70 is well worth having if you can get hold of one. There are some really cool presets on it, but it’s worth it just for the Rhodes multi.

Anyways. Thanks for the comments. I’ll be listening to everyone’s and commenting. Starting at the top and working my way down.


@bfk Enjoyed them more as they went on, as the became a little less erratic, if that’s the right word. Would like to hear you do some tracks that are a bit more minimal, as they could be really interesting, but good stuff anyways.


@bbb Really enjoyed those. Your stuff always reminds me of Asian Lounge, but also something else that I couldn’t put my finger on before, but now I can. It’s Chiasm. Loved Capitulation. It has a Chiasm cross Front Line Assembly vibe going on. Top stuff!

@Faintbrush Pretty interesting stuff, that sounds good together, apart from my feelings track 1 Ebb. Don’t get me wrong, this is a stunning track, and my fave of the lot, but it feels like it is too different in it’s vibe to the others. It has an Earthiness to it that the others don’t, so maybe pull that one out, and build around it as a separate theme . Don’t know if you like Thomas Dolby, but you should give his Flat Earth album a spin.

@relic Ha ha, Love it. Flat Eric meets Art of Noise at the beginning there… Can’t say much more really.


@TheTeknomage I will 100% take a Flat Eric + Art of Noise comparison. (especially since I literally threw that all together in a few days). Thank you for the listen and again, I enjoyed your submission a lot. Of course you did cheat by making it Bladerunner related ;p


Honestly I skimmed everyone’s tracks…don get insulted cause I havent been able to watch normal TV either it’s just my mood.

Just being upfront cause.

Faintbrush very idm I’m impressed.
Bbb idmtriphop is always good
Relic I really like that pad stab the set is funky and is danceable
Teknomage I’m surprised you went the ambient route…you usually do techno…props for stepping outside the zone.


Sorry for not being more in depth.
Cheers guys.


Thank you for the listen. I very much appreciate it. My thinking currently is trying to re-listen to a multitude of other starters I did and push them in the same non-discreeet direction. I feel like I have 3-ish where I want them, but will have to fudge around, that’s for sure.


@bfk Yea, I feel the overall circum. is trip hop but my biggest takeaway from that is that I haven’t listened to trip hop…

So that’s rough. However, seeing it, and recently “thinking” it…I’m going to push that direction, for sure. I’m enjoying it production-wise and I feel myself headed there. But, only having an outlet idea or my direction, we’ll see where it goes

I few tracks are there, another needs some heavy lifting and a few others need complete help.

I can’t wait to show them and with-in the next week or so, I intend to listen to stuffs. :slight_smile:


that’s directly @bfk, @relic, @TheTeknomage