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Are these created in Filter Forge or something similar?


Yes! That’s the one :smiley:

I’ve got a whole bunch of filters published on their site, too, just because they’re so much fun to make!


I made a cool script that batch-downloads stock images, if anyone is into that sort of thing :smiley:
(also, will work on one that batch processes with a random, funky filter, most likely!)


My digital art piece above was also Filter Forge with a bunch of post editing in Photoshop. I’m trying to make more time for learning Filter Forge and the Processing programming language. What I want to do is create code in Processing for automating the annoying small things which take me hours to do manually


That is so cool! I’m not an absolute pro at Processing yet (although I’ve been using it for a few years now), but if you need help with either one you can either post here or start a thread :smiley:. I have a lot of scripts for both that I can share, or just make really basic ones from scratch if that helps.

IMO once you figure out scripting and non-script conditionals (‘if’, under RGB Math) in Filter Forge, it starts to open up a lot. I haven’t figured out how to do proper pixel shifting in it yet though, but there’s always Processing for that :smiley:

Also, would definitely recommend the Python imaging library (pillow), scikit image and similar libraries if you want to have a shitload of algorithms already laid out for you. They make image manipulation super easy!


I’m not sure what this is but here it is
(I think it’s very cool and then I think it’s not. Though it could be someone’s artist name)


4 Sleepy, Silly, Snazzy, Satanic Sorcerers? Love that band


Doing some shit with fractals / recursion again. I still kind of suck, but maybe I’ll come up with cooler ones in the future


I really like the last one, kinda reminds me of a mana tree or Yggdrasil/Weltenbaum…


Random-ass logo time