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I made this just to see what you could do with google sites.
Is it art? Yes, yes it is.


that is amazing, hahahaha


a panel for my webcomic I did some time ago. It still makes me giggle.


the happy peasant.


That’s super cool dude! nice one.


starving bat.


Are you for hire? This is incredible and perfectly wacky


You mean for like album/track art? I’d certainly be willing to give something a try! If you want to see more of this wacky shit you can check out my website, it’s a couple years old now. I’d like to THINK I’m much better now, but the same insane stuff. haha.


This one has to be my favorite so far


XD thanks man, yeah, I was giggling a lot while making that one. Fuckin’ Carl, always trying to bum that snail powder



dude those are rad! really nice work man.



Not sure whether to call this one done or not yet… I think it’s turning out pretty neat though.


Thank you! I’ve had a break for couple of years from drawing and now I’ve started to draw again. The lower picture is for a gig poster I did last month. Maybe I should have posted that instead. Well I’ll do it now anyway

Your drawing somehow reminds me of Limbo game from Playdead. Humorous and dystonic at the same time. You’re using a pen tablet?


Thanks! Yeah, Limbo is an awesome game - that’s a compliment I’ll take!

And yep, using a Cintiq 22" tablet screen. It’s my baby - expensive shit but soooo worth it


If photography is art, then here’s something from me:


Nice, someone should try some of these in image-to sound software such as photosounder or create wavetables with it in something like Serum :smiley:


Hell yeah, now this sounds like a cool idea!


damn dude those are some awesome shots! love it. follow’d ya :slight_smile: