Post your art


Thanks a lot man!


I’ll create this fellow some story if I feel(/when I feel) I’m in need for a break, from producing. Not sure yet what is his name.


Old water color painting :slight_smile:


Damn! That’s awesome man. Very nice coloring and patterns. Good stuff


Your art would make the sickest shirts and stickers dude


Thank you! :slight_smile:


I print shirts occasionally. However, I haven’t been selling them very widely yet.
(Print for yourself from the picture if you want, resolution isn’t very high but I think it would do the job. But if you make any money with my art I’m forced to send
Jänkhä_mafia after you)


Print I made for a punk band. Just got a new job to design their second LP covers :raising_hand_man:

I think I’ve posted too many times in this thread in too short time


What do you use to make your art in dude? Hell, even patches - those would look great on. Really ace stuff man
. Love it a lot.


First ink and pen. After Photoshop

And thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


That figute is so delicate! I wonder what those tentacle creatures are…


I did this shitty painting of my dog in a blanket during at a chocolate shop.

Man, I’m so amateur. Not too terrible though? Maybe?


I think you got the shapes and colors, just looks like you need to smooth out the transitions between objects and put some sort of background that gives it depth. Right now, the gray kind of comes up and looks like it’s eating the doggo on top of the head, but looks more behind it at the snout.

Take that with a grain of salt as my experience is a ton of bob ross (though I usually know what he’s going to do before he does it, I know his tricks!).


Don’t hate on your art. Art is subjective.

I have a museum studies/art history bachelor, which I hated because they were trying to convince me of some bogus about paintings that were

  • solid white with a red dot
  • solid green with a white line
  • some barely a gradient

have a “deeper subliminal meaning that transcend date and time and bring us closer to God or w/e”

And then, in 17th century Dutch Still Life painting, they were saying that the grapes in a still life with cheese and other food items were in the painting because of 1 of 5 possible theories…and here I’m memorizing that the artist added grapes in the painting because of “the artist’s desire to take a virgin’s virginity” rather than because grapes pair well with cheese and purple and yellow are complementary colors. Piss off :smiley:

SO, my long rant is that art is very subjective. I like your dog painting. if it made you happy to paint it, then that’s that. If you’re one of the lucky people who die and random people a few decades later decide you’re a genius because of something they read into it, then wooooo. Too bad most artists don’t get famous until after they croak.


Hey that’s a good rant! Thanks for that. I suppose you’re right, you should ideally paint to enjoy the process of creation. :slight_smile:

I’ve been learning to enjoy it more, struggling with it less as various skills develop… but yeah, I feel a bit more enlightened and inspired due to your comment. Thanks @endlessplane <3


Just some stuff I took with my phone. No after effects added, was a great trip.



css is art!




I love that sort of thing
thanks for sharing


You’re welcome. It’s quite new and a work in progress. Feel free to hang out there… there’s a link to the old version and that is way more messy…

Also this: