Post your art


Thanks a lot man!


I’ll create this fellow some story if I feel(/when I feel) I’m in need for a break, from producing. Not sure yet what is his name.


Old water color painting :slight_smile:


Damn! That’s awesome man. Very nice coloring and patterns. Good stuff


Your art would make the sickest shirts and stickers dude


Thank you! :slight_smile:


I print shirts occasionally. However, I haven’t been selling them very widely yet.
(Print for yourself from the picture if you want, resolution isn’t very high but I think it would do the job. But if you make any money with my art I’m forced to send
Jänkhä_mafia after you)


Print I made for a punk band. Just got a new job to design their second LP covers :raising_hand_man:

I think I’ve posted too many times in this thread in too short time


What do you use to make your art in dude? Hell, even patches - those would look great on. Really ace stuff man
. Love it a lot.


First ink and pen. After Photoshop

And thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


That figute is so delicate! I wonder what those tentacle creatures are…