Post your art


Lol, is that merzbow behind a boat?

Also are you on Noiseguide, @ablablablablabla? I think I recognize you from there


Its merzbow in a boat, yeah…

As for noiseguide, maybe. Who wants to know? :smile:


practicing more pixel art scenes. I suck at lighting. This was fun to make though :slight_smile: good practice.



Nice! Is that something for your cyberpunk game project?


more in the conceptual art phase, but yeah it was influenced from the same universe :slight_smile: and thanks!


I have zero artistic talent, but sometimes I like to scribble shit with premade brushes and see what happens when I bounce them into weird programs like Dogwaffle Howler

…and then wonder how in the fuck that happened


I like that top one a lot, we could use submissions for album art on BB100 if you’re interested.


Random unfinished doodle of a lazy sunday


OMG that’s awesome! Wish i could draw like that. Really impressive! What tools did you use for this?


Thanks man! Software wise I use Krita, with post edits in Photoshop if necessary). I draw on a cintiq 22 tablet monitor :slight_smile:

Glad you dig it! All in practice :slight_smile:


I used to make a lot of album cover designs for fun to go with tracks I made


Played with photoshop for a while in hangover

Link if the player doesn’t show up



I like the blue cloud one. Not sure about the border, maybe a thinner line raised, so it doesn’t completely go to the outside.


Coming soon to a forum that’s closer than you think

It’s closer than you think!


I learned Blender half a year ago. Here’s a video animation made then.


I will be Bob Ross one day, dammit


Yea, happy little clouds.



I made this in a cool app called Colors 3D for 3ds. Unfortunately all I have is a 2ds, but you can still paint on the regular plane with it


Anyone databending???