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A quick composite, because this is what it looks like when I open my browser in December


Proto-designs that will probably never get used. I’ve discovered doodling, apparently


This is a piece that I anguished over for many moons to manifest into its final physical form.

It is a symbol of my innermost emotional torment. The specific pattern of nothingness represents the process by which a lifetime of human effort can resolve to nothing but an empty and hollow existence.

If you look carefully enough, you’ll see a symbolic representation of why I put Christmas decorations up before Halloween to drown out the unbearable pain from trauma of those fateful nights in the shadow of darkness in a cold cellar in the years following my departure from the womb.

Art of this caliber is a staple of the craft of creative philosophical expression, an absolute masterpiece in exploitation of negative space.

Like homeopathy, or drip paintings, the warming bliss bestowed by the light of illusion is more comfortable than the cold, insidious realisation of reality.

So meta bro.


Tapped into my old graphic design skills and made this logo draft as a favour for someone who needed it for a presentation on business re-branding


I try painting sometimes:


These are images I treated on Photoshop generated using a Max/jitter patch I made, or maybe I tweaked a lot.


The video came out weird on my shitty phone, but colors 3D has this awesome feature that time-lapses your doodles and paintings. Even though I have almost no talent in this department, it’s fun to watch it come together and see where you made mistakes


I also painted a dog:


Also, marker birb:


Nice, are those your pets?


Damn, nice work. Good use of brush technique and paint. awesome!


Nice, are those your pets?

The bird is some random bird on Google image search. The dog is my boyfriend’s sweet Zelda.

Damn, nice work. Good use of brush technique and paint. awesome!

Thanks! Painting while tipsy can loosen the brushwork.


Alcohol never affected my music/art in a positive way :laughing:

I agree, great brushwork.


I also like rotoscoping pictures/portraits in MS paint.


Here is my complete collage collection (a few need to be rescanned and/or repaired). Made from magazines, a pair of scissors, and a glue stick. Size and shapes vary, posted in the order I made them:

“I Went to Rehab and all I got was this Lousy Collage” - Needs to be collected and scanned. This pic is from a phone.


“Emerald City”

“World Tree” - Recently refined, repaired, and framed (kind of…the dimensions are wonkey), but still needs to be rescanned after the first attempt failed (the scanner that I have access to is small)


“Valkyrie” - Very large. Needs some repairs and some scanning and photoshop magic to piece together. I at least have a decent frame for it. It’s on the floor in my kitchen, staring me in the face like a pair of earrings under my bed (true story). This is a phone picture.

“Shining Gross Sea Growth” - Phone pic. Will be collected and scanned at a later date.

“The Beacon”

“Sould Engine” - Cover for an IDMf comp. Trying to get authentic colors makes my computer screen crazy.

“Turn off Your Mind, Relax, and Float Downstream” - Made from CD covers for my Dad’s birthday.

“Collage for Hannah” - very tiny

“Memory Machine” - Album artwork for an upcoming release.

“Eye on the Prize”

“Heart Massage” - not safe for work


“Lorelie the Charmer”

“Collage for EL”


databent the cover art i submitted for an idmf release using a hexadecimal editor

same image harmor modded and paulstretched though

Databending thingamagig anyone?

I struggle with truly calling myself a visual artist, but here is some work from photoshop. Some of you may remember my art and music in the earlier part of last decade. Hopefully to those that remember

you see improvements.


I member. And I like it




Into the glitch. Max/jitter experiments