Post your art


I like that a lot. Nice job :slight_smile:


thank you! :slight_smile:



This whole AI text prompt image generation thing that started to pop up a while ago is kinda fun :smiley:

Was for example thinking to use this as a cover for my next release:

And here are some others of the nicer stuff I managed to tell the AI to make for me:


I’ve been messing about with my scanner and getting better resolutions. Anything beyond 1200 DPI becomes a hassle to work with, and I don’t plan on projecting these in a theater, but I’ve been working on rescanning some stuff (also working on a new one).

Here’s the uncompressed image comparison between the old one:

And the new:

^Image file is too large to display. Just click on both and zoom in.


Been working on a collage for two months. Here’s a behind the scenes photo. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Little tool I’m working on for video synth/live visual stuff
The screen is a touch screen, which is pretty nice for using with live VJ software like resolume

here’s some recent-ish vid synth stuff
lotta flashing images, just a heads up


“Body Scan” 8x10

Spent three months on this thing off and on, and now it is finished!

I’ve got a 1200 dpi scan of it, but that file causes some complications when uploading and posting.

Here’s a higher rez version:


this is badass, very cool it’s all real, physical collage too


Thanks! It’s a very slow process. There are also many times where I cut out a tiny piece only to accidentally drop it and lose it forever. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just smoked a bit of weed and finished putting away all the collage material and properly found a place on my wall for it.

I uploaded a smaller rez version that should show up on the browser now, too.