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Photos of a long-lost time and never forgotten place. They are unedited and made with analogical cameras back in the days…



Nothing new, but these are the third scans of some old collages I made for an ex who loaned them to me a few weekends ago. The old versions of these had crushed blacks and some fine detail missing. These are also color accurate.

“The Beacon” 6 x 4

“Collage for Hannah” 4x4

^I don’t know if I said anything about this before, but it’s REAL small, and was quite the challenge to put together. A lot of tweezer work (find the hidden tiny eye lol).

I’m gonna have some time once Thanksgiving hits, so I’m thinking about doing another “erotic” piece, but we’ll see (I like to alternate between family friendly and x-rated :stuck_out_tongue: ). I need some new magazines, because I got rid of a bunch when I moved and I’m getting tired of looking at the same stuff, so I might run some errands around at businesses and see if they have extra mags they want to get rid of.

Anyway yeah…those are new scans of old art that look much better than the older versions.


Here’s a comparison between an old scan and a new one:



Been rescanning stuff for the last eight hours. Now it’s time to crawl out of my art hole and visit some friends. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s the rest of the first batch:

“Soul Engine” 8x8

National Geographic 7x5

“Eye on the Prize” 6x4

And I don’t think I’ve reposted this one. “Journey” 8x8

Still working on two more, then I’ll have all of my NSFW collages rescanned, and I will post links once they’re done.


Here’s links to updated scans of my NSFW stuff. Nice to get these done and looking good.

“Boundless Appetite” 8.5 x 10

“Social Justice Warrior” 9 x 12

“Snuggle” 8 x 8

“Heart Massage” 11 x 8.5

“Lorelei the Charmer” 6 x 4



It’s not finished, but it’s a tattoo design commission we’re working on for our sister


New updated scan of “World Tree” along with some new additions.

13 x 21

Magazines and glue as always.