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Here’s links to updated scans of my NSFW stuff. Nice to get these done and looking good.

“Boundless Appetite” 8.5 x 10

“Social Justice Warrior” 9 x 12

“Snuggle” 8 x 8

“Heart Massage” 11 x 8.5

“Lorelei the Charmer” 6 x 4



It’s not finished, but it’s a tattoo design commission we’re working on for our sister


New updated scan of “World Tree” along with some new additions.

13 x 21

Magazines and glue as always.


Finished design for the tattoo commissions we did


These are great, love the top one.


Hello there, long time no see… I’ve been doing NFTs for a while and I think it’s a great iniciative like decentralized marketplace for artists and at the end of the day, the money is just to suport really instead of to get rich out of it, so the creative freedom is limitless and if you browse through carefully you will find some pretty nice mints…
Hic et nunc Art Market
Tale Twist at Hic et nunc


This one is a recent one as well.


“Circuit Bent” 6 x 8

Magazines and glue


Spent a few hours on album art for upcoming releases tonight. Been doing this part my music a few years now and I at least have a “language” of sorts so I’m happy with that. Actually, that crossed wires one reminds me of one of my first attempts at a logo way back when I first started on music. Things come full-circle I guess. Pun intended.


Working on this idea of a crystal mushroom


I’ve been making this ridiculously long continuous image thing on my instagram. its something of an ongoing process.
@ othernode

here are some examples:


What program did you use? PS?


I use a lot of shit. Mostly it’s a combination of Processing, Filter Forge and TouchDesigner, but it usually ends up getting some final touches in Nik and then out through PS or Affinity


These are fantastic looking. What is your process?


Thanks! Mostly I start with either photographs I’ve taken or just random scribbles I’ve drawn in paint programs, arrange them on a fixed grid, randomize their order and do some minor filtering on them in Processing, run them through some select modules in TD (sometimes I skip this part, but displacing elements and merging them together in real-time can do wonders), and then I do most of the heavy lifting with Filter Forge (oftentimes programming a filter, resampling, and going back to the nodes multiple times). By the end, I send them through Nik collection to try to give them a washed-out, lomo type of feel, but even this last part gets skipped a lot because it doesn’t need any more interest (the ones without vignettes are a dead giveaway of those which are skipped, because I go crazy in that department most of the time).

I definitely want to expand this with Pillow and more P3 libraries when I get more knowledgeable and comfortable using them for different things, but FF is pretty damn cool for generative visual programming


Nice. I am familiar with FF and Pillow but have not gotten around to using them really. Too many other hobbies. :slight_smile: Thanks the the info though, it is helpful to see how others get their results.


Bit hot in my room tonight, have a fan blasting in the window so I can’t really do that mastering I was going to do. Getting ahead on cover art instead. I always need more cover art.


Made a small Collage for my sister who’s in town.

“Collage for my Sister” 6 x 4