Post some drum 'n' bass


Seems like there’s lots of new chilled liquid stuff by Etherwood and Fred V:


thanks bruh, tech itch scratched the itch

this mix is really cool:


Hey you guys

I’m looking for an old dnb tune titled “Kraken,” it’s from the early 2000s, I suppose. Heard it a couple times on G@me Network back in the day, they had this show with clips of retro games coupled with various tunes, drum & bass for the most part.

Anybody knows who the artist was? The piece was a darkstep tune with a vocal sample of a cybernetic guy repeating “Kraken” throughout the track.



Ha! This track is nuts. Love how those old timey samples gel with the weird and insanely intricate drums.


Crikey got a bunch of notifs to work through.

Thought I’d drop these really good drum & bass mixes I happened across.


This track is what started my fascination with electronic music


I’m not sure if I should call it DNB, but def nuts :smiley:



I’m late on this, but this is the greatest video in youtube history