Post some drum 'n' bass


VIP = Variation In Production



a real stand-out release on R&S last month. Really original


New Pendulum stuff - not bad imho, first video is interesting with the pandemic topic:








Been trying to find more DnB that I like, and have come across a few artists I really like that touch on DnB style stuff, often interweaving it with other genres.

DjRUM - “Waters Rising” - honestly, this guy is a fucking musical genius, just take a listen through his stuff, lots of variety, and the way he captures atmosphere and integrates it into every sound is absolutely sublime:

Skee Mask - “Lil DB Tool”

Skee Mask - “Flyby Vfr”

Etch - “Chemotaxis”

DjRUM - “Creature, Pt. 2” - sort of more techno-y, but epic nonetheless (Untitled 9 by DjRUM is also epic.)


Skee Mask is epic!


some emotional stuff in this, looking forward to his next album release…




sup my niBBas long time no see

so I recently went to Kartfabrique in them Netherlands

cool place and all but what I liked the most was the music

this really cool blend of dnb and some sorta industrial metal starts around 0:40

do you know what is the track’s name?

sorry if this post made you suffer a stroke



Imho it sounds much more like Metal, I probably wouldn’t even have thought about DNB without your description, so I would recommend to look in a metal thread or a metal forum for it. There are also sites where you can upload short clips of songs to identify, maybe try that if you cut out a few seconds without talking.



Here’s a playlist I made for my laser tag games, lots of stuff from Come Meditate and artists you might already know, but heck, you can listen to them anyway.

btw y’all know similar stuff that I could put in there


Tech Itch comes to mind:

Took a bit to find this one online, but still like it a lot, especially for its beat:

Kyrist also makes some dark stuff with a more modern sound: