Post some drum 'n' bass


VIP = Variation In Production



a real stand-out release on R&S last month. Really original


New Pendulum stuff - not bad imho, first video is interesting with the pandemic topic:








Been trying to find more DnB that I like, and have come across a few artists I really like that touch on DnB style stuff, often interweaving it with other genres.

DjRUM - “Waters Rising” - honestly, this guy is a fucking musical genius, just take a listen through his stuff, lots of variety, and the way he captures atmosphere and integrates it into every sound is absolutely sublime:

Skee Mask - “Lil DB Tool”

Skee Mask - “Flyby Vfr”

Etch - “Chemotaxis”

DjRUM - “Creature, Pt. 2” - sort of more techno-y, but epic nonetheless (Untitled 9 by DjRUM is also epic.)


Skee Mask is epic!


some emotional stuff in this, looking forward to his next album release…