Post some drum 'n' bass


all types, all years…



Arguably one of the best DnB tracks IMO




Always good things when Noisia and The Upbeats team up





The actual Bay-B-Kane has some releases on a Jungle label from my home state : ) By the looks of things not sure if they are defunct now or what :confused:


I used to drop this bad boy regularly when it came out…


Enduser, probably my first d&b artist. I really dig it back then. Still do.


i enjoyed the banter between these guys back in the day.


I saw Enduser in LA at Das Bunker last year… fuckin’ insane man. That show was ridiculously hard. Always loved him, agreed. Was one that I listened to a lot 10 years ago.


Probably one of my biggest mainstays of the DnB genre,. Black Sun Empire always kills it.


BSE have this lovely mix between trance and D’n’B that has always won me over. those lush, rushy pads and synths along with the rolling drums of DnB gets me good


A bunch of my faves and likes:

Heck, I’ll drop a whole mix of these:

Don’t mind the first one, it suxx


Nice, you heard this one?


Nope, didn’t get there yet! But I gotta say I’m pleasantly surprised - I’m not a fan of modern UT soundtracks, but this one sounds really, really good, it has both the classic vibe and adds plenty of new stuff to feel like a fresh tune. It’s Morphadron AKA Rom Di Prisco, I presume? (no googling, just my guess)


I believe so, the album is credited to Rom and Jesper Kyd, so unless it was a collab or a cross/remix somehow, I would assume it’s a retake on his original. Good shit, the Amen-break work is pleasant.