Post some drum 'n' bass


Rom is one of the people who truly mastered the Amen break. Remember this one?

Whenever I think of Morphadron, he reminds me of the late Saki Kaskas. He was a huge influence on me and a really cool guy. I remember that I actually PMed him once and he responded, lol, felt almost like fan mail back in the day. :teary eyes:



doesnt suck at all. reminds me of some of the first dnb i listened to:


Yeah I was going to actually say I quite enjoyed that smooth groove. Haha.


I saw him too but it was at a small dive bar…it was awesome, small venue but awesome


Enduser…I liked his collabs with Sol Thomas, this dude totally sounds like Trent Reznor. Would’ve fooled me!

Anybody thinks that Ibunshi is basically the new Photek? Works for me, since the latter pretty much dropped drumfunk in favor of electro music.



i didnt know who Ibunshi was, but after looking up some music i think you might be right. i didnt know photek had jumped ship. similar thing to what happened with spor. i still like spors electro stuff (goes by “feed me” in that scene), but it doesnt really get me like his early DnB did.


What’d you think about his “return” album Caligo? Some heavy ass bangers on that one. Feed Me had some really good stuff but it was hit and miss. The Giant Descends on Tokyo EP (or whatever it was called) was really good IIRC. Still nothing beats the Spor albums when he was at his prime. That was some next level DnB when it hit the scene.

Had that perfect blend of bass modulation and thickness before twostep/dubstep came in and swallowed it up and caused all the major producers to shift gears. Was a good few years of heavy175bpm tracks.


i dont think i know “caligo”. i will check it out when i get home. did he label it as a “return album” himself? it would be nice to hear some of the original style again, although my tastes have changed a bit since then too, i still love his old stuff, but i dont cream my pants over it any more.


Indeed it was a return album. He came out with it a year or two ago, after all his Feed Me stuff. DnB has been making a lot more of a come back in the past couple years, I guess he missed Spor and decided to do another. It’s pretty different though, definitely has more of a Noisia influence I’d say. Pretty gritty and evolved with some wonky shit in there. It’s good, not amazing, but good.


oh DnB makes a comeback and they all come running back :laughing:


yep XD

hey at least he didn’t become a dubstep producer


yea he didnt exactly “sell out” like a lot of DnB artists from the good ol’ days. not saying any names, but pendulum can get fucked :smiley:


Yeahhhhhh boi. also, obligatory:




urban soundscape amen experience right there. That was really unique and cool, good shit, man.


Pretty breakcore, maybe someone should make that a separate thread, but can’t get this one off my playlist:


awesome track. its somewhere between breakcore and D’n’B. breakcore but with D’n’B sound design.

people always say “somebody should make a thread about ____”. you can start threads too you know :wink:


that is awesome, good find!!!



I didn’t want to flood too much, I already started like 5 threads for genres in this subforum XD But you’re right…