Post some drum 'n' bass


breakcore is a pretty popular genre around here, it would stand out above many others



I wish Ibunshi still made music ! He was around on idmf a while ago. Very dedicated dude


Seeing as I can’t find the live set room anymore, I’ll post up the new set we did for our Seismic Theory label launch night a few weeks back. Managed to fit 22 of our tracks in here back to back. Trying to get used to this new place as I hadn’t realised it had all changed until now. I do like it, but I miss my old account now :frowning:


  1. Optimal Prime - Call the Silence (Original Instrumental)
  2. Optimal Prime - Feels Like Breathing (feat. Casper Mason)
  3. Optima Prime - Deadly Concerto
  4. Optimal Prime - Drift By
  5. Optimal Prime - Rebirth
  6. Optimal Prime - For the Skankers
  7. Optimal Prime - Do it for Me
  8. Optimal Prime - Drum and Bass Addict (feat. Jason X)
  9. Optimal Prime - Noveria [Red Alfa Records]
  10. Optimal Prime - Waiting in the Darkness
  11. Optimal Prime - Yago Dawn
  12. Black Sun Empire & Noisia - Hideous (Optimal Prime Remix)
  13. Optimal Prime - Untitled [Seismic Theory Forthcoming]
  14. Optimal Prime - Escape Plan [Seismic Theory]
  15. Optimal Prime - Temptress
  16. Optimal Prime & Mavamatics - Hypnosis feat. Mc Longman [Seismic Theory]
  17. Optimal Prime - Infection [Higher Level Industries]
  18. Optimal Prime - Chime Era [Red Alfa]
  19. Optimal Prime - Clarity
  20. Optimal Prime - Moonlight
  21. All things Lost - Nothin’ (Optimal Prime Remix)
  22. Optimal Prime & Mavamatics - Mankind Divided feat. MC Longman) [Seismic Theory Forthcoming]


I had my own little thing going on with my drum’n’bass releases threads in the drum’n’bass subforum… sorted by year and everything… but anyway if you missed this one check it out


Awesome work! Love those breaks





everything on the quick search is mostly ukf sponsored lol…an individual track featured from one of those 1 hour mix thingys


Shameless self promotion



Listening a lot to the latest Whiney album, especially the tracks with Inja, and some other Hospital stuff rn.

@_ms I like the two more halftime/drumstep tracks, but those amen breaks come like a welcome relief haha ^^







Very, very cool sound. Reminds me of Unsub’s “Gaia Machina,” amazing stuff, especially once the break kicks in.


anyone listen to the mefjus album?


[quote=“XiTau, post:54, topic:176, full:true”]
anyone listen to the mefjus album?[/quote]

I listened to some tracks and it has nice sound design and stuff and I’m sure it’s great for the dancefloor, but most tracks feel empty to me. I guess I’m getting old and tend to get bored by the less melodic stuff these days if it doesn’t feature some catchy vocals haha…



I’ve got immense respect for the samurai music group

It’s through them that I discovered Djrum

what a great plate

The DubStep thread - not to be confused with The Drum & Bass thread

big up to uvb-76 and sister label droogs

Overlook’s latest techno-leaning ep is tops


The OO’s Skool

Old Skool:


Some old and new chilled and liquid stuff: