Post some drum 'n' bass






You know, I really just can’t dig on Noisia’s “Outer Edges” album. No matter how hard I try. Not sure what it is about it… and after today listening to the “Outer Edges Remixes”… there isn’t a single track I like.

I guess this is still considered “drum and bass” music but… It’s like wonky as hell trip-step electro or some shit. I don’t get it.




yea there is only really 6-7 actual dnb tracks on that album. However i honestly cant get enough of it, love all the experimental stuff theyve done.


also, anyone heard the new joe ford album? heavy camo & krooked vibes on this track

edit: new-ish


Love it, thanks for the link! Gonna check out the complete album for sure!


I was really looking forward to it, but was pretty disappointed. Too many vocal tracks, too melodic and song oriented, and not enough sonic or rhythmic fuckery that he’s so good at for my tastes. The production and everything is absolutely top notch, but it’s just not my thing.


That’s really too bad. I haven’t checked it out yet but “Behemoth” is one of my all time favorite tracks. That track fucking shreds.





pika pika gotta go fast




I underestimate how much video game music was the gateway to so much of the music I enjoy now


:bird: any of you spot any drum’n’bass nights around your area? when I listen to this stuff I think, yeah that’s fun, but do people dance over that stuff and where does it happen

Even the 140bpm stuff that has that techno vibe, even as I can feel it has club potential, I have yet to see one club that plays that kind of music.

I mean even the chill house sets that they plays outdoors could be swapped with chill jungle, like coco bryce’s new lp

I guess I should make it happen instead of waiting for other people to do it heh


Dude, I totally recognize the sample in “Irian Jaya”! XDDDDD I think I used it as a recurring theme in an old project of mine. Great to hear it in a totally different context!


There still are DNB nights around where I live more or less regularly. Last time I went to one it was mostly jump up and ravey stuff though, but if you look around a bit you can even find various DJs playing sets and even stuff like Oldschool jungle floors at some parties. But yeah, you def should make it happen in your city! :smiley: